Set up pre-authorized payments with My TELUS Bill Analyzer

Learn how to configure pre-authorized payments through Bill Analyzer

  1. Sign in to My TELUS
  2. Go to Bill Analyzer from Overview by clicking on View and Pay Bill or from the Billing tab, by selecting the account and then clicking on Access Bill Analyzer
  3. Click on Statements
  4. Click on the Recurring Payments icon for the target account, a window will open
  5. Choose Credit card or Bank account as a form of payment from the drop down for Payment Account
  6. Fill out the required information
  7. Checkmark "* I have read and accept the payment Terms and Conditions*", then click enroll

The account is now set up for pre-authorized payments.

Note: If you have not added a form of payment yet , you can add one now on step 5. Use Add bank account or Add credit card to add your preferred form of payment.

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