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Hummingbird Technologies

Hummingbird Technologies imaging and analytics

Actionable intelligence at key moments in your growing season

Hummingbird uses satellite imagery and artificial intelligence to help you and your advisors see what’s happening in your fields, and help to identify potential crop issues, prevent disease risk and optimize input applications.

A tablet showing a satellite image of a farm with a graph showcasing different field types and a desktop showing graphs related to crop yields.

Product highlights

Green Area Index

Crop Type Classification

Variable Rate Technology

Field Monitoring

Benchmarking and field leaderboard

Normalized Difference Vegetation Index

Unlock the power of imagery for better insights and predictive analytics

Hummingbird Technologies uses proprietary algorithms that help to uncover and analyze hidden field patterns, and also help and track crop growth using remote sensing and imagery technology that provides frequent imagery over time through vegetation indices.

These hidden field patterns help detect distinct areas in your field that may be affected by disease, pests and weeds through precise diagnostics, allowing for more targeted applications of fungicides and pesticides, as well as ROI data to guide future planning and decisions.

Data is captured in the field, uploaded to the platform, processed and analyzed and then presented to you and your trusted advisors for real-time actionable recommendations.

Satellite image of a crop field with an overlay of a prescription mapping.

A field with an overlay of graphs and charts that are paired with satellite images of crops highlighted in red and green.

Field monitoring

Enhance your scouting efforts, minimize your costs, and make more efficient decisions, by targeting trouble spots in your fields, prioritizing activities, and monitoring for crop health and surface soil properties, while collaborating remotely with advisors and agronomists.

  • NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) is a classic indicator of plant health that helps look for anomalies in fields that may otherwise be impossible to spot with the naked eye.

  • GAI (Green Area Index) helps to predict the growth stage for oilseeds.

  • Benchmarking tool that compares field performance, detects anomalies and provides a historical progression of crop growth, helping to increase yield potential and build more efficient crop plans season after season.

A field of different crops with an overlay of a satellite image of the same field where one crop is digitally highlighted in blue. Another overlay shows other crop shapes that are digitally rendered to show prescription maps.

Variable rate technology

Help increase crop production and enhance sustainability by optimizing inputs at necessary rates instead of flat rates.

  • Prescription maps generated by editable bands.

  • Variable rate prescription mapping based on remote-sensed imagery covering nitrogen, fungicide and desiccation.


Helps optimize fungicide applications in lower and higher biomass regions by targeting application rates more accurately.


Helps manage uneven rates of dry-down in the field with targeted application rates.


Helps manage areas of the field that need precise levels of nitrogen to target greater yield responses.

Agri-Businesses services

A satellite image of a field rendered with seven different colours that relate to a different crop type. An overlay of a pie graph shows how much of each crop is seen in the field.

Crop type classification

Automate crop identification ahead of your harvest to help improve supply and demand analysis, purchase decisions, inventory carry and input use.

Ideal for businesses that require a better handle on the supply of certain crop types, such as retailers, processors, farm partners and governments.

Can be combined with other Hummingbird solutions such as yield prediction, tillage practices and field boundary detection.
Reports and dashboards available for deep dives.
Ability to compare seeded acres and seed sales records.
Enables historic classification of crop growth at a farm, regional and national level.
Predictive modelling that uses data from Sentinel-1 satellite’s Synthetic Aperture Radar and Sentinel-2 satellites to enable identification of the unique fingerprint of each crop type classification.
Crop and land use datasets at field to national granularities that classify key crops.
A canola field with an overlay that shows predictive stats related to different crop types.

Yield prediction

Get in-season predictions for expected yields at varying spatial resolutions  – ranging from field to national level. 

  • Predictive models based on historic yield information, soil and weather data and advanced crop growth models, combined with Hummingbird’s satellite imagery insights and models for greater accuracy.

  • Understand crop production volume of a field or region to enhance market analysis.

  • Quantify farm productivity in-season or estimate regional supply.

  • Assess productivity of potential agricultural property for investments or follow up.

A field of crops with an overlay of an advisor consulting a farmer in his field.

Trials as a service

Gain insights and statistical analysis from Hummingbird’s science and research and development teams on tailored trial assessments to help you understand what’s happening during the season between locations.

  • Trial assessments are scaled to analyze hundreds of plots at a time.

  • Get in-depth plot details with calibrated UAV images, high-resolution spatial imagery and analytics of small plots and split fields.

  • Can help to provide a greater level of understanding around variability and treatment responses across application and support high-throughput of trials.

  • Access to digitized downloadable plots and associated metadata of each plot.

Learn how Hummingbird can help change the way you farm

How Hummingbird can help your farm

See how to create an application plan using key features like NDVI, imagery and crop variability.

Variable rate technologies

An introduction to Hummingbird Technologies’ variable rate prescriptions and precision agronomy tools.

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Hummingbird Technologies

Exclusive Canadian business relationship with Hummingbird

TELUS Agriculture has an exclusive business relationship with Hummingbird Technologies to make their imagery solutions available in Canada. Hummingbird’s imagery solutions are currently used by agri-businesses and farmers in the UK, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine and Australia.