Putting trust first

Driven by our purpose to build a friendly future, we put trustworthy data practices at the heart of everything we do.

The TELUS Data & Trust Office enables innovation through technology by fostering sustainable data strategies at TELUS, and setting an example for data use and insights all over the world.

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Earning and maintaining your trust

TELUS respects your power to decide who you trust with your personal information. We’re dedicated to earning your trust by safeguarding your data, and building your confidence in how we handle your data.

Here’s how.

Privacy by Design

We know that privacy matters to you. We’ve embedded a Privacy by Design framework into our business practices so that every product, service and action puts trust - and customers - first. By making privacy the default part of our operations from the beginning and not simply to meet regulations, we ensure your interests and information always come first.

Responsible AI

We believe in the responsible use of artificial intelligence (AI). We’re leveraging our technology and our position as a global leader in social capitalism to collaborate with Canadians and global thinkers and build a future where AI can deliver innovative and responsible social benefits.

Data for Good

We’re committed to improving the lives of Canadians and the communities where they live and work. Data for Good is an award-winning, Privacy by Design insights platform that gives leading public researchers access to high quality, strongly de-identified data.

TELUS Health Privacy

As a global health and wellbeing provider, our team is dedicated to solving the most pressing issues facing citizens, healthcare professionals, employers, and employees around the world. We’re dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality with respect to all the information that is provided to us.

Data Stewardship

Our Data Stewardship program ensures specially-trained team members are present in every area of our business, overseeing the responsible use of data. Working closely with the Data & Trust Office, these upskilled team members take the care of our data - and the data entrusted to us - seriously.

Data Ethics

TELUS’ Data Ethics program supports responsible data enablement and helps to evaluate the potential impact on people and society when collecting, using, sharing and innovating with data. These impacts can extend beyond the data itself and we must include diverse voices to identify the full range of impacts: positive and negative. We use meaningful stakeholder engagement to better inform our decisions about data ethics, enabling projects that have positive social, environmental, and business impact.

Get to know the TELUS Trust Model

We believe in a friendly future where companies respect customers' and communities' privacy, use data responsibly, and prioritize security.

By putting our customers and communities first, the TELUS Trust Model reflects our commitment to deliver innovative and empowering outcomes for Canadians nationwide.

The TELUS Trust Model
We build trust with our stakeholders by using data in ways that generate value, promote respect and deliver security.

Data & Trust in action

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Reflections on the OPC's investigation into the use of de-identified mobility data during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Foster a data culture or be left behind

The exponential growth of data and the rapid pace of innovation necessitates cultural transformation within organizations in order for them to thrive.

Partners in data & trust

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