FEBRUARY 5, 2021

A new connected era: TELUS, the government of Quebec, and the federal government successfully completed bringing high speed Internet to the Lower North Shore ahead of time

TELUS provides additional support to the community by donating tablets and plans worth $40,000 to connect patients in the Lower North Shore with their loved ones and healthcare professionals 

Blanc-Sablon, Quebec – TELUS, the Canadian and Quebec governments, and the Société du Plan Nord are celebrating the completed deployment of TELUS 4G LTE network in 14 isolated Lower North Shore communities, nearly a year ahead of the targeted completion date. For the first time ever, the 2,000 households have access to high-speed Internet and mobile phone service, and can browse the Internet at similar speeds as those living in urban areas. This new connectivity will boost the local economy and reduce isolation by connecting the region and its businesses, healthcare centres, and schools with the rest of the world. TELUS is also donating $40,000 in tablets and wireless plans to the Docteur Camille Marcoux Foundation, helping isolated patients connect with their loved ones and healthcare professionals. 

“Today we are celebrating the exceptional connection of the world’s fastest wireless network to one of the country’s most isolated regions, a clear symbol of our long-standing commitment to deploying high-speed infrastructures to all Canadians, wherever they live,” said François Gratton, Executive Vice-President, Group President, TELUS, and Chair, TELUS Québec, TELUS Health, and TELUS Agriculture. “This second major milestone marks the end of one of TELUS’s most ambitious deployments ever. This new connectivity enables local businesses to go digital, healthcare professionals to use virtual technologies, young people to continue their studies online, and families to stay in touch with loved ones. Even more importantly, the 4G LTE wireless technology will also make travel safer.”

“This announcement as we begin a new year marks the start of a new connected era, an era of hope, revitalization, and economic prosperity for our beautiful region,” said Randy Jones, prefect of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence RCM. “The first Lower North Shore communities to receive high speed Internet have been linked to the rest of the world for a year now, and we can already see the true potential of connectivity. Lives have been saved thanks to the mobile network, new businesses have been created, and we can all stay virtually connected while we get through this unprecedented pandemic.”

One of TELUS’s largest digital infrastructure projects north of the 49th parallel

The deployment of the high speed Internet and wireless phone service to 14 communities in the Lower North Shore was made possible through a joint contribution of over $23 million from the governments of Quebec and Canada, and TELUS. To take on this immense challenge, the TELUS team used an innovative combination of technologies, uniting fibre, a vast microwave ecosystem, and 4G LTE technology, and transported the equipment to the remote locations by plane, boat, and all-terrain vehicle. The project also brought fibre to 16 public organizations, including all of the region’s clinics and healthcare centres, and tripled the high speed capacity of the 15 local schools. 

Tablets for better healthcare in the Lower North Shore

TELUS is donating 20 digital tablets with $0 data plans to the Docteur Camille Marcoux Foundation, helping professionals of the eight clinics in the Lower North Shore region to quickly access essential tools and information for telehealth. Patients receiving end-of-life care, lodging and hospitalization at the Blanc-Sablon hospital will be able to stay in touch with their loved ones. Contact with and between the nurses and doctors, who are often hundreds of kilometres away, will be improved by visual communication.

“Patients in the Lower North Shore often have to take a plane to consult a doctor for medical follow-ups when none is available at their local health clinic. The tablets donated by TELUS and the deployment of high-speed Internet will allow the CISSS de la Côte-Nord to expand telehealth services in our communities, reducing unnecessary expenses and risks associated with travel,” said Constance Monger, board member of the Docteur Camille Marcoux Foundation, and territory coordinator of the CISSS de la Côte-Nord. “The tablets donated by TELUS will not only better connect patients with their healthcare professionals, they will also prevent the unnecessary expense and risk of travel while we continue to face this health crisis. No one should feel alone or disconnected. TELUS creates an essential human connection for Lower North Shore residents who more than ever need assistance for their health and well-being.”


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