Investor relations

Find all of the information you need here to make informed investment decisions, including the latest annual and quarterly financial reports, stock information, investor relations contacts and reasons to invest in TELUS.

People, purpose, passion

2023 annual report
Cover page of the 2023 annual report
Learn how we are creating a better world thanks to our people, purpose and passion for putting customers and communities first.
Message from our CEO
Message from our CEO cover
Discover how we are making a world of difference for all of our stakeholders through our global leadership in social capitalism.
2024 information circular
2024 information circular cover
Review information on our leading corporate governance practices, executive compensation philosophy and annual meeting.
2023 sustainability and ESG report
Cover page of the 2023 sustainability and ESG report
See how sustainability and ESG are embedded into every aspect of our business as we help to build a better world for future generations.

Invest in a company that is making a difference

With our world-leading networks, focus on putting customers first and shareholder-friendly initiatives, we are creating remarkable human outcomes for all our stakeholders and delivering robust shareholder returns.

Company updates and news

Catch up on the latest from TELUS, including corporate and community activities, as well as new technology innovation.

Investor relations contacts

If you have questions or concerns, please contact our shareholder administration or investor relations team at
or email
[email protected]
with general inquiries.

Investor services

Shareholder services and forms

Find contact information for shareholder services such as change of address and transfer of shares, as well as downloadable forms for share exchange and dividend direct deposit form.

Mergers and acquisitions

Find out how each TELUS merger and acquisition affected your shareholdings, share value, dividend payments and adjusted cost base.

Electronic document delivery

In additional to being environmentally friendly, electronic document delivery provides easy, convenient access to business documents at any time.

Bondholder services

Access TELUS corporation notes archive, as well as information on debentures and other publicly traded debt of the Company.

Corporate governance

Board members and committees

Get to know the TELUS board members and which committees they sit on.

Board policy manual

Learn about our commitment and approach to effective and sound practices in corporate governance.

Corporate policies

Learn more about our corporate policies around disclosure, ethics and conduct, shareholder engagement and insider transactions.

Governance highlights

Read the highlights of our ongoing commitment to corporate governance and compliance with the latest best practices.

Statement of our governance practices

View the guidelines for the TELUS Board of Directors.

TELUS corporation charter documents

View our certificate of incorporation, certificate of name change and corporation articles.