TELUS Accessibility

A more accessible world is a friendlier world

At TELUS, our approach to accessibility is about much more than ticking boxes and meeting minimum standards. We want to give everyone equal access to the devices and services we all need to work, play and stay connected. It’s just one way we can help build a friendlier future.

Accessibility for everyone

We embed accessibility features and principles into everything we do.

Accessible devices

We offer a wide range of mobile phones equipped with built-in visual, mobility, cognitive and hearing/speech related accessibility features.

Accessibility services

We provide access to everyone through everything from flexible rate plans to hearing and speech assistive technology support.

TELUS Accessibility Plan 2023–2026

We are committed as an organization to providing barrier-free experiences for our customers and our employees. Explore our commitments to accessibility in more detail.
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Help us improve

Your feedback about the accessibility of our products and services can help.

Support for people with disabilities

Tech for Good

Our Tech for Good™ program provides persons with disabilities specialized assistance, assistive technology, tools and training needed to use their smartphone or tablet so they can stay connected and live more independently.

Internet for Good

Our Internet for Good™ program is now available to people with disabilities to help them acquire the connectivity they need to succeed in today’s interconnected world.

TELUS Accessibility in ASL video

Presented in American Sign Language (ASL) with closed captioning and an audio voice-over track, this video introduces TELUS accessible products and services for persons with varying abilities. Please visit our YouTube channel to view
"Welcome to Accessibility in ASL"
with subtitles.