Troubleshoot your Round Doorbell Camera

If you are experiencing issues with your Round Doorbell Camera, check out the following LED status reference guide to assist with your troubleshooting

Note: If your doorbell is not showing any colour, there may be a power issue or it may have been turned off in the video settings from the web portal.

ImageLED patternDoorbell stateDescription
Solid greenActiveYour doorbell is ready and working normally.

Want to change the colour? Use the TELUS Secure Business app or website to choose a custom colour in place of default green.
Solid whiteIn call modeA call has been initiated or is occurring.
Solid yellowStarting upPlease wait while the doorbell is booting up.
Alternating red & blueBattery is chargingNote: The battery may charge for up to 30 minutes after installation.
Alternating blue & greenConnected to Wi-Fi, waiting for server connectionPlease wait until the doorbell is successfully connected to the Wi-Fi network.
Alternating blue & yellowFirmware update in progressPlease wait until the firmware update is complete.
Rapid orange double flashNo Wi-Fi connectionCheck the Internet connection. The Wi-Fi credentials may have changed. Delete and re-add the doorbell camera using the TELUS Secure Business app**.
Rapid red double flashPower supply issueContact your electrician. The doorbell transformer may need to be replaced.

** Learn how to reconnect the doorbell camera to the Internet.

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