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Product highlights

Integrates into TELUS Trade Promotion Management or any other TPM solution

Predictive analytics drive new strategies and boost promotion performance

Improve forecasts with a selection of modeling techniques

Gauge and prevent brand cannibalization

Determine promotion uplifts against a true baseline model

Fast and easy system implementation

Access expert CPG consultants

Key Features

  • Run profitable promotions with your retailers

    Improve your strategy with post-event analysis and “what if” scenario planning, learning more from last year’s promotions to build the ideal plan for next time.

    The aisles of a grocery store are filled with different types of food.
  • Get insights from one reliable version of the truth

    Harmonization allows you to compare and align consumer activity, retail consumption, shipment information, trade spend, and more—all in real time.

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  • Improve forecasting, supply chain and spend management

    Unlock and share insights with rich, interactive reports and visual analytics, and give users the flexibility to create their own analysis with ad hoc reporting to discover even more efficiencies.

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  • Forecast with confidence

    With better analysis and systems, you can build models, plans and promotions and have the data to back it up.

  • Improve trade spend ROI

    Improve customer revenue and margins with predictive analytics, scenario planning and actual event analysis.

  • Determine actual uplift

    Find out how much incremental volume and profit your promotion actually generates by comparing sales against a baseline model.

  • React quickly and decisively

    Evaluate promotional structures and combine insights with real-time data to adjust your plans on the fly.

  • Reduce manual input

    Automatically ingest and clean up data from different sources to save time and effort, leaving room to focus on more important tasks.

  • Harmonize data

    Match data from multiple sources to your internal schema and open up new insights.

  • Experts you can trust

    Our CPG consultants can help support your team for custom analytics projects, strategic consulting services and more.

  • Reduced total cost of ownership

    Drive revenue growth management, trade promotion management, supply chain management and retail execution through one provider.

  • New promotion suggestions

    The predictive analytics engine can identify net new promotion opportunities and optimize your full calendar, helping you further develop and perfect your entire promotional strategy.

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