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Product highlights

Harmonize data from almost any source to match your unique CPG needs

Access all your enterprise data as a single source of truth

Turnkey and cloud-based for easy implementation and use

Customize external data structures to match your internal hierarchy

Less manual data manipulation means you get insights faster

Get fast and clear visualized reports, whenever you need

Access our CPG analytics experts, training videos and more

Easy for team members, with strong tools for power users

Specialized for CPG, so setup is fast and efficient

Analytics built for BevAlc suppliers and distributors of any size

Key Features

  • Harmonize your data

    Data harmonization translates different data sources, file formats, and naming conventions into a single database for a comprehensive view of your business.

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  • View your business holistically

    Bring point of sale (POS) and syndicated data together to see how pricing, promotions, and distribution from every outlet and team affect sales, so you can make the best decisions for your bottom line.

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  • Hit the ground running

    TABS Analytics is the product of years of experience with CPG teams, meaning it’s set up with all the customizations you need, right out of the box. And any special adjustments you want take no time at all.

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  • Ready-to-use, harmonized data

    Data from different sources doesn’t always work together. Data harmonization transforms every piece of data that comes in to match your own set of rules.

  • Win more distribution

    Category managers can build selling stories quickly and effectively to ensure a winning meeting with category buyers.

  • Fast setup

    As a cloud-based, turnkey solution, TABS Analytics requires minimal setup, so you’ll be able to get game-changing insights the moment it’s installed.

  • Designed for CPG manufacturers

    When it comes to data, one size rarely fits all. TABS Analytics is designed specifically for CPG manufacturers so setup, maintenance and configuration takes less time and effort.

  • Analytics as a service

    Data is only as useful as the insights it generates. To make the most of your data, we operate on an analytics as a service model, offering specialized expertise to keep you at the cutting edge.

  • Speed to insights

    Dig into categories and analyze product performance with fast and responsive tools. Identify opportunities, risks to growth and key business drivers as they arise.

  • Award-winning data visualization

    TABS Analytics’ business insights solutions have been consistently recognized by the Promotion Optimization Institute for our intuitive and modern look and navigation.

  • Easy customization

    Responsive settings make it simple to further customize your insights, fast. You can get tips and help from our online resources, or one of our experienced CPG consultants.

  • Cut sales prep time

    Our tools let you build your fact-based selling story quickly, so your sales and finance teams can save time and focus on building your business.

  • Distribution-based analytic

    Prove your value with distribution-based analytics, a process that adjusts sales results based on current distribution levels to even the playing field within the competitive set.

  • Strong data provider partnerships

    We’re happy to help you get the best package for your data needs with syndicated data providers.

  • Reduced total cost of ownership

    Drive revenue growth management, trade promotion management, supply chain management and retail execution through one provider.

  • Trusted by CPG companies

    With a quarter century of CPG industry experience, our team’s mission remains the same: to simplify and improve analytics to help CPG companies grow and thrive.

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