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Product highlights

Highly configurable, centrally managed product inspections

Product quality, safety and process and facility checks

Report instantly on all aspects of performance

Process controls with corrective action and tiered escalations

Improve accuracy by standardizing your processes

Improve efficiency by collaborating with suppliers

Perform both on and offline app inspections

Measure performance at any point in the supply chain

Access your data anytime, anywhere with secure cloud storage¹.

Track product temperature throughout its distribution journey

Key Features

  • Go paperless

    Modernize your quality and compliance management by capturing product quality, process, facility and safety checks into a cloud-based, highly configurable platform.

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  • Real time reporting

    Gain a real-time view of your operations and product quality through tiered escalation, system-generated reports and automated user alerts.

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  • Quality Assurance

    Centrally create and maintain quality standards and compliance expectations in a structured, scalable and efficient approach.

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  • Reduce product rejection in the supply chain

    Set your quality expectations with your suppliers by centrally building quality attributes you wish to measure.

  • Drive performance and reduce waste

    Optimize the efficiency of your operations and reduce waste with powerful reporting that enables benchmarking and profiling of product, site, supplier and people performance.

  • Harness predictive analytics

    Improve customer satisfaction by boosting shelf-life performance, reducing waste, incorporating third-party data sets and overlaying AI principles.

  • Monitor temperature from source to store

    Reduce food waste and improve food safety by integrating with TELUS Cold Chain to monitor temperature compliance and create an autonomous smart cold chain.

  • Measure anywhere

    Measure and capture key performance data at any point in the supply chain with our platform-agnostic app that includes offline functionality.

  • Simplify data integration

    Drive efficiency and authenticity by integrating data captured in TELUS Food Safety & Quality with key ERP systems.

  • Manage shelf life expectations

    Align temperature abuse with shelf life implications and bacterial and mould growth models to temperature graphs through accurate temperature management.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint

    Help reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating food waste from your supply chain.

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