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TELUS Cold Chain

Real time visibility of product temperature

Reduce food waste and improve food safety in your supply chains with accurate cold chain management at every stage.

Crates of peppers in a warehouse.

Product highlights

Disposable and recyclable smart tag

Long battery life

Automated and wireless trip download

Stop light risk scoring of inbound loads

Measures product, not ambient temperature

Simple tear strip activation

Segmentation of time temperature trip graph

Improve issue management with automated reporting and alerts

Product specific temperature abuse flagging

Key features

  • A man is holding a box of ice full of fish

    Disposable smart label

    Discover contactless traceability of virtually any product from source to store using our cold chain smart label. It's easy to use, recyclable and has an auto-drain function.

  • A man operating a forklift is moving a crate of apples

    Check by exception

    Improve productivity and operating costs by enabling staff to see which incoming shipments have been subjected to temperature abuse and need to be prioritized for review.

  • A woman is holding a package of meat in a store

    Track product temperature for consistent visibility and transparency

    Reduce waste, limit food safety risks and improve quality through product temperature threshold adherence that identifies points where abuse may occur in the supply chain.


    • Long Battery Life

      Ensure all shipping scenarios are covered with customizable measurements and reporting intervals that offer long battery life.

    • Visibility

      Gain a clear view of your estate with real-time performance data that consolidates cold chain, compliance and quality data and practices of your suppliers and products.

    • Increase inspection efficiency

      Automated data received from the sensor and your suppliers removes data duplication and increases inspection efficiency.

    • Ensure food safety

      Keep food within safe temperature parameters through accurate temperature management.

    • Measure product temperature

      Improve decision making about risk and shelf life through a more accurate representation of product temperature at rest and in transit.

    • Drive continuous improvement

      Identify corrective actions and implement improved practices in your supply chain by gaining visibility of where and when temperature abuse or damage has occurred.

    • Create an autonomous smart cold chain

      Improve quality control and food safety by digitizing your processes into an intelligent, self-diagnosing data source with easy integration into ERP and third-party data sets.

  • Search over 14,000 manufacturer approved product labels.

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