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Food quality, safety and compliance

Exceed your customers expectations

Grow customer loyalty and safeguard your product with powerful reporting tools to analyze key data when it’s needed most.

  • Grower compliance checks

    Gain transparency into quality control

    Helps you provide the highest quality products to your customers, while reducing waste and customer rejections. Troubleshoot potential issues before they arise and streamline key performance data.

    • Take charge of quality control with tools that help monitor products from intake to delivery
    • Improve the shelf life of your product
    • Report and analyze data checks without having to manually input them into Excel
    • Meet control standards by monitoring the accuracy of quality inspector checks
    • Reduce product recalls by verifying products are correctly labeled
  • Digitized reporting

    Make data work for you

    Optimize the entire operation with powerful reporting tools that help track seasonal trends, manage underperforming products and suppliers and troubleshoot common issues.

    • Spot trends and maximize the value of data through interactive dashboards
    • Respond to problems in real time
    • Maximize user efficiency and drive better auditing practices
  • Product and facility checks

    Prioritize quality and safety with access to key data

    Stop issues before they start and avoid costly errors by staying informed on quality control checks across all sites.

    • Ensure staff are completing checks accurately and on time
    • Minimize the risk of product recalls
    • Prevent inconsistencies in compliance and hygiene standards at work sites with real-time product quality data
    • Improve audit grades and productivity
    • Spot areas for improvement by analyzing check report data
  • Pesticide manager

    Ensure customer trust with robust safety measures

    Prioritize customer safety by evidencing proposed pesticide usage. Powerful reporting tools help to quickly identify and mitigate any risks, providing confidence that the supply chain is meeting legal and technical standards.

    • Ensure customer confidence by providing instant visibility of pesticide usage and risks
    • Understand which pesticides are being used in the supply chain
    • Receive data on any suppliers whose standards do not conform to pesticide policies
    • Tackle non-conformance issues at the source
  • Cold chain

    Capture data that helps put safety first

    Make more informed decisions around the safety and expected shelf life of products and reduce waste with accurate product temperature transparency.

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    • Establish a chain of custody to quickly identify where temperature abuse has occurred
    • Improve quality control and save cost on higher price point products by identifying where product damage has occurred
    • Reduce waste and improve quality through product temperature threshold adherence
  • Waste reduction

    Reduce waste and improve quality

    Improved insight and reporting enables benchmarking and profiling of product, site, supplier and people performance to help optimize operational efficiency. Predictive analytics and AI principles identify key risks and highlight required action to improve customer satisfaction, improve shelf life performance and minimize waste.

    • Build customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving product quality and consistency
    • Increase efficiency and mitigate risk using real-time access to data to identify where problems are occurring
    • Improve accuracy and eliminate product recalls through automated template recognition
    • Drive productivity by creating benchmarks and profiles to minimize waste

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