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Food quality, safety and compliance

More informed teams and better performance

Build and maintain a strong brand reputation with customers and consumers, with total visibility of your facility, team checks, and audits. Set and ensure adherence to high quality and safety standards across the supply chain.

  • Grower compliance checks

    Ensure supply chain alignment

    Reduce risks and increase team-wide agreement on quality and performance expectations with software that is able to streamline electronic data transmission, and provide an electronic compliance check at harvest, and throughout the season.

    • Know whether products meet quality criteria
    • Check multiple items within a shipment at the same time
    • Evidence and safeguard decisions with photographic proof
    • Instantly notify growers about compliance checks
  • Digitized reporting

    Make important data accessible with customizable and mobile reporting

    Put key data points to work to optimize your operations with confidence. Spot seasonal patterns, underperforming products, suppliers, and many other common issues. Audit as needed to catch issues before they become problems.

    • Benchmark and profile product, site, supplier and people performance
    • Minimize waste by removing paper-based data entry and duplication of efforts
    • Maximize user efficiency and drive better auditing practice
    • Embed validation rules to ensure accurate, consistent data capture
    • Capture data anywhere at anytime and sync to the cloud at a later stage
    • Cross-reference submitted information against label data
    • Customize automatic alerts
  • Product and facility checks

    Increase confidence in product and team performance

    Know whether products meet company quality criteria and ensure that sites are safe, hygienic and compliant with internal standards and industry best practices.

    • Make sure staff are completing checks accurately and on time
    • Use real-time data to see what's happening with product quality at different sites
    • Prevent inconsistent compliance and hygiene standard checks
    • Improve audit grades and productivity when making checks
    • Analyze and report on data from checks
  • Pesticide manager

    Build customer confidence with full transparency

    Satisfy due diligence requirements and build customer assurance by quickly and easily sharing proposed pesticide usage (PPU). Quickly identify and mitigate risks with robust reporting tools that provide the team and customers confidence that the supply chain is meeting legal and technical standards.

    • Understand which pesticides are being used
    • Reduce administrative burden by collating all proposed pesticide usage data in one central platform
    • Gain confidence in product acceptance
    • Cross-reference against customer protocols for what’s acceptable
  • Label checks and indexing

    Avoid errors and reduce waste

    Take the guesswork out of labelling with access to the world’s largest label database for information on inputs, including manufacturer-checked registrant labels and supporting documents. Ensure products are correctly and accurately labelled to avoid costly errors.

    • Prevent incorrectly labelled goods going further up the supply chain
    • Quickly and accurately report and check on product labelling data
  • Specification management

    ​​Gain confidence in product specification compliance

    Ensure total alignment throughout the supply chain by collaborating with suppliers on product specifications using a centrally-managed system.

    • Ensure all product specs are up-to-date and standardized
    • Effectively manage temporary specs and variations from suppliers
    • Allow multiple users to log in, access product specifications, perform checks and share data
  • Cold chain

    Reduce waste and improve quality control

    Access greater automation with more accurate product temperature transparency at every stage. When combined with additional quality metrics, this solution allows for more informed decisions around the safety and expected shelf life of products.

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    • Gain consistent visibility and transparency throughout the supply chain
    • Digitize quality, compliance and temperature data into one platform
    • Efficiently manage inventory, improve food safety, cold chain practice and reduce waste
    • Identify and improve chain of custody insight for temperature abuse
    • Secure financial assurance on pinpointing where temperature abuse is occurring
  • Waste reduction

    Develop improved insight and minimize waste

    Improve your operational efficiency with tools that are able to benchmark and profile the performance of product, site, supplier and people. Predictive analytics and AI principles identify key risks and highlight actions required to improve customer satisfaction, shelf life performance, and reduce waste.

    • Optimize and steer inspection resources with third-party data sets and AI principles
    • Ensure label accuracy through automated template recognition, helping to eliminate product recalls
    • Benchmark and profile to optimize efficiency

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