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Supply chain management

Know more and achieve more with your data

Quickly and effectively manage risks by connecting the dots of your supply chain. Make more informed decisions with targeted insights into the origins of your products and improved transparency from source to store.

  • Centralize the data you need

    Facilitate easy collaboration with your supply chain partners

    Eliminate the burden of a complex global supply chain. Improved insight into your direct and indirect supply chains will help you tackle mutually beneficial areas such as sustainability and provenance, increasing brand trust by evidencing and marketing good news stories.

    • Empower teams with easily accessible information
    • Manage or delegate tasks
    • Allow suppliers access to manage their documentation
  • Order management

    Create sales strategies to increase revenue

    Lead a company transformation with detailed product knowledge that empowers data-driven strategies to increase sales.

    • Order management access for sales teams
    • Increased visibility and management for prospecting, customer management and price management
    • Drive sales at the actual decision point
  • Enterprise resource planning

    Grow sales and reduce inventory while improving and automating processes

    Learn more about vendors to grow revenue and improve efficiency in deals and back-end processing with access to current and historical sales data.

    • Increase market revenue and reduce claims processing and deal maintenance costs
    • Discover best practices to reallocate head count and grow sales
    • Manage product recalls with the ability to reach affected customer(s)
    • Manage the business profiles
  • Supply chain transparency

    Have confidence in your security of supply

    Improve supply chain transparency, proactively manage risk and save time, by understanding the origins of your products.

    • Build a more direct supply chain by understanding where products are coming from
    • Capture key due diligence requirements and identify areas of vulnerability and risk
    • Empower suppliers to manage their own documentation
    • Gain visibility into over 72,000 supply chain sites in 120+ countries
  • Product performance

    Build a strong reputation through better quality

    Spot trends over time with system-generated alerts and focused analytics

    • Capitalize on trends with access to performance metrics
    • Define and manage risks with tailored validation tools
    • Access 60,000 audits in 14 languages

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