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Our ongoing commitment to rural connectivity in Canada


TELUS is committed to continuing to connect rural communities and provide world-class connectivity to rural Canadians.

Like most Canadians, people who live in rural areas increasingly depend on digital content and tools for services ranging from healthcare and education to entertainment. TELUS recognizes that within the agriculture sector, in particular, broadband connectivity is becoming indispensable. Advanced agricultural technologies require a combination of high-speed broadband services and broad IoT coverage to deliver important information on everything from crop and soil health to on-farm security. 

TELUS understands the critical role TELUS plays in connecting fellow Canadians to the resources, information and people that matter most to them. In 2020 TELUS was recognized as having the fastest network in rural Canada with an overall speed of 48 Mbps. Out of the G7 countries only Japanese users received higher speeds than rural Canadians.* We are committed to expand and densify our rural coverage to support Canadian’s access to services from small business connectivity, to digital health, and now more than ever agricultural technology. 

TELUS' growing investment in 5G technology will provide several enhanced rural connectivity capabilities, including:

  • Significantly increased data speeds that will allow the network to reach more users with a broadband experience

  • Greater coverage using low band frequencies that extend the reach of network signals, which in turn means that we can reach more sites

  • Greater control of network services to provide the right performance and coverage for applications 

Ultimately, TELUS’ goal is to provide the same world-class connectivity options to rural Canada as we do to our urban customers, enabling the same safety, education and lifestyle opportunities for everyone. Cutting-edge technologies like fibre optics and 5G into more areas are critical to realizing that vision.

Learn more about TELUS’ commitment to rural connectivity

*“The State of Rural Canada’s Mobile Network Experience – May 2020.” OPENSIGNAL, 25 May 2020,,score%20in%20the%20previous%20year.

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