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A new home for Feedlot Health Management Services and Herdtrax


TELUS Agriculture is rebranding Feedlot Health Management Services and Herdtrax to TELUS Feedlot, TELUS Calf Grower, and TELUS Cow Calf. We’re striving to make this transition as easy as possible.

TELUS Agriculture will continue to ensure we deliver the value you expect. We know the solutions you depend on are critical to the efficiency and profitability of the cattle industry. We will continue to support and improve our services over time.

Login hub

You can find the login hub at the top right of this page. It’s a central location where you can access every TELUS Agriculture & Consumer Goods service.

Open the login hub and navigate to Animal Agriculture to find your service. For existing accounts, there are no changes to your username and password, support tools and account contacts.

New product names

Starting July 11, you’ll notice new product and service names used on our website. TELUS Feedlot Services refers to the suite of FHMS feedlot modules TELUS Cow Calf Services refers to the suite of FHMS cow calf modules TELUS Calf Grower Services refers to the FHMS suite of calf grower modules TELUS Feedlog Record Management was iFHMS TELUS Dynamic Sorting was dSORT TELUS Post Sort Management was PSMT TELUS Digital Animal Post Mortem was Digital PM TELUS Animal Record Management was Herdtrax Although navigating to these tools has changed, any webpages you saved will be automatically redirected and all of your logins will remain the same.

Need help?

We know you probably have questions – we’re here to answer them. To learn more about this transition, please contact your TELUS Agriculture representative to understand how our services can continue to improve your operations. Contact us

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