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Meet the team: Dr. Kee Jim


Meet the TELUS Agriculture & Consumer Goods team members who are committed to helping our customers move their business forward in a more informed, agile and sustainable way.

Dr. Kee Jim has spent his life immersed in agriculture. Growing up on a ranch gave him the background and experience to found Feedlot Health Management Services in 1983, which he grew until its acquisition by TELUS Agriculture in 2020. Kee is the senior leader of the Animal Agriculture team and lives in Okotoks, Alberta where he enjoys golfing, cooking and fishing. He has been inducted into the Cattle Feeders Hall of Fame and has previously received the American Association of Bovine Practitioner’s Practitioner of the Year award.

What is your role?

A large part of my role is leading a team focused on exploring growth opportunities in North America and globally. Our approach is centred around research, economic modelling and a client’s individual data. Together, with our team of Ph.D. animal scientists and veterinarians, we analyze the differences between large-pen commercial trials we’re conducting and the trials that we believe will bring value to our clients. Our research informs our economic models, combined with each client’s operation.  

Additionally, a significant amount of my time is devoted to visiting clients upholding our commitment to bring our team to their operation. I want to personally make sure we’re always exceeding their expectations, and ours.

What drew you to this business?

I grew up on a ranch in the interior of British Columbia, about 60 miles from the town of Kamloops. My family was involved with seedstock and commercial cow and calf production, which really started my interest in the cattle industry. My background gave me the experience to learn the end-to-end business of cattle feeding – the practical parts, but also how to manage the business.

What career advice do you have to offer?

My philosophy is that you have to become a lifelong learner. I have a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, but my real education started after I graduated. You must maintain a curious mind and be a voracious reader and try to capture a new piece of knowledge each day. I travel as much as I can, and when I do, I talk to everyone I can. I think travel is the best way to stoke and satisfy a curious mind.

My advice for someone looking to have my role is to learn all aspects of the feedlot business. Success requires complete commitment – you have to fully immerse yourself in the agriculture industry, every aspect of it including procurement, production and marketing. You have to become more than just familiar, you have to be an expert in every part of the business.

What do you want people to know about livestock management?

Technology has improved productivity and efficiency to a level that is, honestly, almost unbelievable. We’ve made huge improvements in so many fields to advance beef production and cut down on environmental impact, like genetics, agronomics, nutrition and animal health.

In North America, about 2% of the population is involved in production agriculture.¹ With these improvements, a relatively small number of people are helping to feed more people than anyone thought possible even a generation ago, and the improvements haven’t slowed down.

Since we’re talking about food and agriculture, what do you like to eat?

There’s nothing that beats a perfectly cooked steak.

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