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#HereForFarmers affected by the Texas Panhandle wildfires

Rancher inspecting cattle in feedlot.

In response to the devastating wildfires spreading throughout the Texas Panhandle and their impact on the ranching community, TELUS Agriculture & Consumer Goods is #HereForFarmers. We’re proud to live and work in Texas and Oklahoma where animal agriculture is an essential industry. In Texas, agriculture is estimated to have contributed over $186 billion to the state economy in 2021.¹ Texas and Oklahoma have almost a fifth of the total cattle and calf population in the US – at 14% and 5% respectively as of January 2024.²

To help ensure the continued sustainability and vitality of the ranch sector in this region, we’re providing $15,000 USD across the Amarillo Area Foundation's Disaster Relief Fund, High Plains Food Bank’s Beef Fund, Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Disaster Relief Fund and Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association’s Disaster Relief Fund to support emergency relief efforts.

We know that many of you may wish to help. We encourage you to explore the above organizations that are supporting the affected area and ranching community.

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