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#HereForFarmers impacted by‌ the wildfires in Alberta


In response to the devastating wildfires spreading throughout Alberta and their impact on the farming community, TELUS Agriculture & Consumer Goods is providing support to those most in need as part of TELUS’ $5 million commitment to relief efforts.

We’re proud to work in Alberta where agriculture is an essential sector, with more than 21% of Canada’s farms and ranches located there and contributing over $22 billion to the national economy.¹ To help ensure the continued sustainability and vitality of the farming sector through these difficult times, here’s how we’re #HereForFarmers in Alberta:

  • Emergency aid funding: We’re providing $25,000 CDN in emergency aid funds, disbursed through the Alberta Association of Agricultural Societies, to support local farmers affected by the wildfires in Alberta. To apply or nominate a farmer in need, visit

  • TELUS Health Alberta Farmers Family Support Line: To support individuals dealing with the impacts of the devastating wildfires, TELUS Health is offering up to four free mental health counselling sessions to all farmers and their immediate families in Alberta. To sign up, call the Farmers Family Support Line at 1-833-693-1730.² The line is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week and counsellors are trained to provide tailored support for farmers and their families.

1. Statistics Canada: Canadian Agriculture at a Glance: Alberta has the highest farm operating revenues in Canada, June 15, 2022.

2. The complimentary 4 sessions do not expire. This offer can be applied in addition to existing mental health and wellness programs in Alberta.

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