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Enables digital cattle recordkeeping to capture data at birth and through every subsequent event in an animal's life. Helps improve traceability and the overall quality, efficiency and value of beef herds.

Integrated online cattle record management

Livestock producers work in a challenging sector that requires the most efficient and productive solutions for better animal health, traceability and sustainability. Knowing the full lifecycle of cattle from birth onwards enables producers to enhance the overall quality, safety and value of beef herds.

Herdtrax’s integrated online cattle record management software bridges information gaps throughout an animal's life, providing calving, animal care, reproduction, genetics, nutrition, growth and sales data. This supports producers' ability to track and share attributes and optimize decision making, animal health and profitability.

Whether 30 or 5,000 cows, Herdtrax provides detailed profile, performance and benchmark analysis at an individual animal to herd level for improved management over time. The easy-to-use solution allows producers to develop custom treatment protocols, securely share information and collaborate with veterinarians, nutritionists, packers, feeders and retailers.

With TELUS Agriculture, Herdtrax will continue to help producers track their cattle at every life stage, connect with buyers and trusted advisors and leverage data for improved cattle management. Enabling cow/calf and feedlot clients to optimize production efficiency, enhance animal health and land stewardship and drive more traceable and sustainable food production.

About Herdtrax

Herdtrax was founded in 2002 in Alberta by Dr. Troy Drake, with a vision to drive better production and animal health through data-based decision making across cow/calf and feedlot operations. Over the years, Herdtrax has grown to become a leading software provider in North America.

Digital cattle management made easy

Herdtrax is now TELUS Animal Record Management

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