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Critical insights and data-based knowledge

Feedlots and calf growers operate in a competitive environment that requires adoption and implementation of the most cost-effective cattle procurement, production, and marketing strategies to continually improve the profitability and sustainability of their businesses. Determining the value of new products, management strategies and technologies is crucial in order to improve their net profitability.

Feedlot Health’s individual animal data collection and execution tools help optimize production efficiency and overall animal health by supporting data-based decision making for feedlot and calf grower clients.

The interdisciplinary expertise of the Feedlot Health team helps feedlots and calf growers to improve profitability by optimizing cattle health, nutrition and production, and adopting new knowledge based on the results of large-scale commercial research studies. Feedlot Health’s method combines the use of commercial field trial data, operation-specific economic modeling training, support, and oversight 365 days a year. Their approach helps clients make the best decisions to ensure their businesses are profitable and sustainable.

As part of TELUS Agriculture, Feedlot Health is bringing value-based services through the use of its technology solutions, track record of innovation and customer service, and top talent. Working with TELUS Agriculture will provide opportunities to enhance Feedlot Health’s technology solutions and to continue to innovate at a more rapid pace that will bring additional value to clients across the globe.

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About Feedlot Health

Feedlot Health was founded in 1983 by Dr. Kee Jim, with a vision to provide animal health consulting services to feedlots using a data-based decision-making approach. While in veterinary school, Kee recognized the potential of using computerized individual animal records to understand the epidemiology of disease in commercial feedlots as the basis for improving disease prevention, control, and treatment. This led to the development and implementation of the first chute-side computerized data collection system in Canadian feedlots. With the addition of Dr. Calvin Booker, Feedlot Health pioneered the large-pen commercial field trial model and Feedlot Health’s proprietary economic model to provide clients with decision support tools that would improve their profitability.

Over the years, Feedlot Health has continued to develop its data collection and execution tools, grow its team of experts, broaden its areas of expertise, expand its service offering across all aspects of feedlot and calf grower animal health and production, and provide services to clients in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Brazil and Kazakhstan.

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Feedlot Health is now TELUS Agriculture