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Farm At Hand

Image of a farm field.

Farm management, field management, crop planning and sales management solutions.

Make farm management easier

Farming is a difficult profession. It requires mastering the weather, the markets and the 20 different pieces of technology it takes to run a farm today. Farmers are expected to be jacks-of-all trades, wearing hats ranging from CEO to HR to mechanic. 

Farm At Hand’s user-friendly farm management, field management, crop planning and sales management solutions simplify complicated tools and match how farmers plan, work, and track production and critical processes. It puts all the information a farmer needs in one place that is easily accessible from mobile devices, and empowers users to share information with trusted advisors and dive deeper into advanced tools when required.

As part of TELUS Agriculture, Farm At Hand’s simple approach to accessing key information will expand to include integrations with other leading edge software and IoT devices. Keeping track of everything in one central platform.

Image showing Farm At Hand logo and software.

About Farm At Hand

Farm At Hand started as a tracker used on a single family farm in Saskatchewan to monitor grain bins. Since then, it has evolved into a farm management platform used by thousands of farmers across North America.

Farm At Hand’s software design remains focused on making farming simpler and more profitable for farmers. This means easy-to-use applications that make it easier to collaborate and share information with your trusted advisors.

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