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Digital transformation in agriculture retail: Driving efficiency and helping ensure accuracy, every time

Agronomist walking towards farm implements carrying a tablet.

As the agriculture industry continues to evolve, embracing digital solutions for agronomic operations can help retailers thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape.

In today's agriculture industry retailers are navigating a landscape filled with both opportunities and challenges. In today’s digital world, 60% of agricultural operations are still using pen, paper and spreadsheets to store and track operation data,1 which can have a serious effect on organization, efficiency, customer satisfaction and business growth. 

Our industry snapshot examines a few key areas to help you navigate this changing landscape and find digital-driven ways to grow your business:

  • The opportunities technology offers to overcome the limitations of manual agronomy

  • Ideas on how to empower your business for digital transformation

  • How digital agronomy enables you to achieve efficiency and grow your business

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Key areas

1. How the industry is changing

The global food system is struggling to meet societal changes and needs. The pandemic, geopolitical conflicts, climate change and evolving regulatory requirements all contribute to the challenges being faced across the agriculture industry. 

Alongside these challenges is a growing competitive landscape where those who embrace technological innovation gain an edge. From effective management of resources and streamlined processes to robust record-keeping practices, enhanced data access, analytics and digital technology can bridge the gap between the world's 570 million farms and 8 billion consumers.3

2. Challenges and impact

Given the complexities of today’s agricultural industry, the reliance on traditional, non-digital methods presents significant risks and hurdles. It's not about a lack of skill or expertise, but rather the limitations imposed by outdated technology, insufficient data and external factors. 

One of the key challenges is the optimization of current operations. Everyday tasks for agronomists and advisors can be incredibly time consuming and repetitive. This can restrict the growth potential of the business and hinder customer satisfaction and retention.

3. Ways to find efficiencies

Digital agronomy can help achieve your goals by streamlining operations and minimizing mistakes. Increasing connectivity across teams leads to improved operational efficiency and clearer communication, resulting in enhanced customer service and satisfaction. 

Quicker service times enabled by digital tools can ultimately lead to higher sales and increased profitability.

The importance of digital solutions

Embracing digital solutions for agronomic operations is a strategic move for retailers looking to thrive in a competitive landscape. By prioritizing digital transformation, your company can establish itself as a go-to partner for farmers seeking expert digital guidance — and help customers harness the full potential of digital tools.

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