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Decisive Farming

November 12, 2020

Combining cutting-edge farm and workflow management solutions, variable rate technologies, and IoT integrations.

A collaborative approach to farm management

With the agricultural technologies available today, farmers have more access to data than ever before. The challenge is collecting, managing and processing the data into insights that work for them. 

Decisive Farming helps farmers make timely decisions by combining data management and analytics with best practices and hands-on expertise. Combining cutting-edge farm and workflow management solutions, variable rate technologies, and IoT integrations, Decisive Farming gives farmers a single platform from which to operate their businesses. Providing them with a holistic view that allows them to optimize profitability.

As part of TELUS Agriculture, Decisive Farming will continue to provide time-saving solutions that streamline communications and increase workflow efficiencies. At the heart of it all, Decisive Farming recognizes that farmers are far more interested in managing productive farms than managing complex technology. With the customer support and solutions from Decisive Farming, farmers are empowered with accessible, safe and secure connectivity, data management and farm analytics. 

Image showing Decisive Farming logo and software.

About Decisive Farming

Decisive Farming was founded in 2011 by Remi Schmaltz, Tasha Schmaltz and Garth Donald, with the purpose of synchronizing the overwhelming number of data sets that farmers typically manage. Combining boots-on-the-ground support, precision agronomics, including variable rate technology, information management services and crop marketing tools, Decisive Farming provides a single integrated platform that acts as the farmer’s primary operating system. It currently represents over five million acres and is being used on 40 different crop types in North America.

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