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Holistic platform that manages precision, agronomy, sustainability, analytics and compliance.

The rapidly changing agri-tech landscape has armed the industry with the ability to create effective change through data. However, the food value chain requires a unified way to turn the promise of data-driven advancements into reality. 

Agrian has aimed to do just that, combining the industry’s deepest label resource with a holistic platform that serves the industry from every angle. 

They believe there are five pillars to modern farming that must be successfully managed: precision, agronomy, sustainability, analytics and compliance. Agrian’s unified platform allows users from throughout the industry to oversee each of those categories with striking ease and relevant effectiveness. Matched with exceptional support from their team of experts and the ability to share data seamlessly with operational employees and advisors, Agrian’s easy-to-use integrated platform pairs perfectly with the needs of a growing world.

As part of TELUS Agriculture, Agrian will play a key role in developing a better exchange of information across the food value chain. They share a commitment to advancing the future of digital technology by linking systems together in ways that increase efficiency and mitigate risk, improve visibility, agility and responsiveness. 

Image showing Agarian logo and software.

About Agrian

Agrian grew from a small startup working out of an underground parking garage in Fresno, California, to the most widely adopted agricultural software in the United States – with clients now spanning from the United States and Canada, to South America and Australia. Founded in 2004, Agrian is an ag software company that helps growers, agronomists, and food processors simplify their workflow by documenting all of their practices within one platform.

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