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Research services

Access research infrastructure and expertise

Leverage an exceptional research organization in beef cattle production to generate commercially relevant data for your products and technologies. Our team of experts will deliver: - Large scale commercial research - Small pen research - Licensing studies - Bio-economic modeling - Determination of commercial value and viability of new technologies

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    Small-scale field studies

    Identify opportunities for improvement

    Conduct studies on a smaller scale to identify areas for further exploration.

    • Gain insights by conducting replicated small pen “pilot” feedlot studies at facilities in Canada and the United States
    • Evaluate products or interventions on a smaller number of animals to prioritize targets for scaled up evaluation in larger studies
    • Conduct product safety and efficacy studies for licensing of new veterinary pharmaceuticals and products, or new indications for existing pharmaceuticals and products.
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    Large-scale commercial field trials

    Learn more with large scale studies

    Test out ideas in real-world production settings to ensure the data generated has a high degree of applicability to the industry. Gain access to high quality data to validate meaningful impacts and drive effective decision making for commercial feedlot and calf grower clients.

    • Conduct large-scale studies in commercial production settings
    • Test new ideas and technologies under the same conditions that occur in commercial feedlots and calf-grower operations
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    Commercial research and development - publicly-funded research

    Make big changes, backed by quality research

    Identify, validate and adopt opportunities to improve operational growth and efficiency through high quality research and development. Collaborate with academic institutions, independent research firms and government agencies, to provide information on industry topics ranging from new technology assessments to antimicrobial use and resistance monitoring.

    • Gain confidence, knowing that all trials are conducted with a high degree of data integrity and attention to study design
    • Conduct studies where they matter most: in commercial feedlots and calf-grower operations
    • Gain high external validity and applicability to the industry
    • Engage in studies that bring together commercial experts (veterinarians and PhD animal scientists) with academic institutions and government researchers

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