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Health and production consulting services

Make animal health and production a priority

Managing a calf grower operation means focusing on the health and production of individual animals. Draw on tools and software that provide data and insights, opportunities to monitor health in real time, use findings from large-scale commercial field trial data, and access experts every step of the way.

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    Animal health

    Monitor what matters most

    Manage every stage of animal growth and health with proprietary individual animal data collection and execution tools that support daily data input, real-time access to health information and customizable reports. Prevent disease and manage treatment with cost-effective strategies based on each population’s risk profile.

    • Monitor health outcomes and cohort benchmarking in real time
    • Identify opportunities for immediate intervention or more long-term improvement
    • Make better informed decisions about animal health strategies and protocols using large-scale commercial field trial data and economic modeling
    • Access a large team of expert veterinarians
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    Feed and feeding

    Support the growth of healthy animals

    Build a cost-effective nutritional program that supports healthy animals and efficient beef production using tools that synthesize individual farm data with large scale commercial field trial data and economic modeling.

    • Determine and implement the most cost-effective feeding programs
    • Monitor feeding procedures, bunk scores, animal performance outcomes and feed commodity quality control
    • Access a large team of nutritionists who are experts in the field
    • Create stronger strategies using economic modelling of the biological outcomes from large-scale commercial field trials
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    Performance enhancement product protocols

    Optimize the economic potential of your animals

    Enhance your overall animal quality and performance, by determining and implementing the most cost-effective protocols for using calf grower performance-enhancing products.

    • Ensure responsible and compliant product use
    • Draw on large-scale commercial field trial data and economic modeling to make decisions on product protocols and strategies
    • Access a large team of animal scientists who are experts in the field
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    Individual animal management

    Better results, one animal at a time

    Optimize the production and marketing program for each animal in a cost-effective manner. Determine and implement protocols using individual animal data and sorting algorithms, to improve overall production and biological market timing, one animal at a time.

    • Build cost-effective strategies for differential production and cattle marketing using individual animal data
    • Make better-informed decisions about differential production strategies, drawing on large-scale commercial field data
    • Utilize strategy execution tools and monitoring reports
    • Access a large team of professional experts
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    Cattle procurement and marketing strategies

    Build a strategy with industry experts

    Get a head start by utilizing specific production data from your operation in order to create a more robust procurement and marketing strategy, with the support of our industry experts.

    • Develop cost-effective strategies for cattle procurement and marketing using sophisticated data modeling
    • Access client-specific refined cost of production estimates
    • Produce client- and cattle type-specific marketing models
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    Animal and facility certification

    Enhance credibility and increase business opportunities

    Gain confidence in operational compliance and auditing to build business growth opportunities.

    • Access oversight and documentation to verify that program requirements are met
    • Draw on extensive data collection capabilities and tools that facilitate production oversight by professionals
    • Ensure verification of compliance
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    Research Services

    A global leader in animal health and production research

    Research is a vital component of our business. It provides the foundation for the recommendations in all of our service programs. This data-driven approach of providing recommendations based on the most current data available has made Feedlot Health a global leader in animal health and production consulting. Our access to information, data, and animals allows us to conduct a variety of collaborative research projects, including disease investigations, product safety and efficacy studies, and new technology assessments. We consider it a privilege to have the opportunity to use animals in normal commercial production scenarios for research purposes. As such, we are committed to ensuring the highest possible standards of animal care and well-being.

    Our research has allowed us to work on ground-breaking innovations that have enhanced animal health and improved the efficiency of production in feedlot and calf-grower operations, resulting in substantial economic benefits to our clients. Many of these key innovations have the potential to advance the collective knowledge of cattle health and production and contribute to far reaching industry and societal benefits.

    With access to research infrastructure to test relevant animal health and production practices specific to your operation you can:

    • Increase revenue and minimize costs with recommendations based on commercial research studies that use bio-economic modeling to translate biologic outcomes into "dollars and cents"
    • Experience production benefits from innovations that enhance animal health and welfare at feedlot and calf grower operations
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    Key innovations

    Improve production efficiency

    Experience substantial production benefits, thanks to ongoing research and key innovations that are enhancing animal health and animal welfare, and improving the efficiency of production in feedlot and calf grower operations.

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    Special projects consultation

    Explore opportunities with industry leading consultants

    Work with an interdisciplinary team of experts who can provide input and solutions for new and existing participants in the beef industry.

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