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Increase speed, agility, time to market, and safety

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Strengthen brand reputation and improve production efficiency with enhanced supply chain visibility, and quality analysis. Find opportunities to set and exceed high product quality and compliance standards with mobile reporting tools and risk management solutions.

Solutions to let you work smarter not harder

  • TELUS Supply Chain

    End-to-end visibility of your supply chain

    Improve supply chain transparency, dynamically manage risk and save time.

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  • TELUS Sustainability

    Collect, measure and report on the sustainability of crop and dairy products

    A comprehensive approach that uses intelligent benchmarking and data-driven insights to help you show progress towards your Scope 3 sustainability goals.

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  • TELUS Food Safety & Quality

    Improve quality and safety by mitigating risk and reducing waste

    Adhere to high-quality and food safety standards across the supply chain while ensuring a strong brand reputation through total visibility of your operations.

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  • TELUS Cold Chain

    Real time visibility of product temperature

    Reduce food waste and improve food safety in your supply chains with accurate cold chain management at every stage.

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  • TELUS Audits

    Centrally manage your assessment or audit program

    Schedule audits or site assessments, capture data and report on performance across any supply chain agendas such as sustainability, food safety and responsible sourcing.

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  • TELUS Agronomy

    Improve bottom-line traceability through timely, accessible field level data

    Empower your business with the digital records you need and agronomic tools for the field team, all in one suite.

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