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Simplify management by tracking your records in one place

Feel confident knowing that your data is accurate and stored safely in one place for you and your teammates to access at any time.

  • Farm records

    Use farm data to strategize for the season ahead

    React and respond more quickly when records are up to date and accessible from any device. Extract data easily and seamlessly and be audit-ready, with standard dashboard reports for cropping, plans, activities and soil analysis.

    • View and utilize data in real-time
    • Retrieve reports as needed
    • Easily export data for analysis and action
    • Ensure data is safe and current with automatic updates
  • Commodity inventory

    Make the most of every marketing opportunity, backed by current inventory data

    Instantly track the location, capacity, commodity and history of supplies from anywhere. Streamline field-to-elevator traceability with storage information at your fingertips. With access to inventory numbers, track dates, commodity, variety and quantity, you’ll always know where you stand.

    • Track inventory transfers
    • Record grading information
    • View storage details
    • Export data for field traceability reports
  • Chemical inventory

    Always know what’s needed, what isn’t, and what’s expiring

    With live visibility of inventory, avoid tying up money in unused chemicals between seasons. Save time and money with a solution that tracks inventory, reducing incorrect orders and expiring stock.

    • Connect Enterprise Resource Planning systems directly to the platform
    • Automatically track quantities and activities
    • Easily add stock into stores
  • Equipment and assets records

    A single, reliable recordkeeping solution

    Access the most important information when it’s needed most. The ability to pull up and report on every detail means no more hunting down part numbers or trying to recall service records.

    • Track equipment details such as serial, model and part numbers
    • Maintain a list of assets
    • Keep track of maintenance dates, hours and mileage
  • Traceability

    Prepare for upcoming compliance protocols

    As consumers and regulators seek more traceability, be prepared with solutions that accurately record which pesticides were applied, when and where.

    • Keep farm records up-to-date with as-applied data
    • Field to storage tracking
    • Track pesticide application with geo-located inspections
    • Export and share as-applied data for traceability reporting
  • Compliance

    Ensure applications and product mixes comply with legislation

    Reduce the risk of litigation and non-compliant recommendations with access to a thorough and well-maintained chemical database.

    • Check fertilizer applications against legislative restrictions and product mix incompatibilities
    • Verify recommendations for compliance with pesticide labels
    • Ensure nitrogen levels are within legislative limits

    Streamline product use with a database of 12,000+ products.*

    Work with more efficiency and speed with a manufacturer-indemnified database solution. Simply input the intended registered product and targeted pest, intended rate, dates of application, and similar details; the database will check that information against the label to ensure compliance..

    • Find crop-specific label information (rate, REI, PHI)
    • Complete state registration
    • Purchase Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    • Access Department of Transportation (DOT) information

    *only available in the United States

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