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Guide de référence sur l’état des voyants DEL

You may be able to troubleshoot your Secure Business doorbell camera using our LED status reference guides and troubleshooting tips.

Slim Line Doorbell Camera: LED status reference guide

ImageLED patternDoorbell stateDescription
Solid greenReady and working normallyUse the Alarm.com app or website to choose a custom colour in place of default green.
Solid whiteIn call modeA call has been initiated or is occurring.
Solid blueStarting upPlease wait while the doorbell is booting up.
Pulsing blueBattery is chargingBattery may charge for up to 30 minutes after installation.
Alternating blue & greenConnected to Wi-Fi, waiting for server connectionPlease wait.
Alternating blue & yellowFirmware update in progressPlease wait.
Rapid orange double flashNo Wi-Fi connectionCheck the Internet connection. The Wi-Fi credentials may have changed. Enter Wi-Fi access point mode and re-add the doorbell camera using the app.
Rapid blue double flashPower supply issueContact the installer. The doorbell transformer may need to be replaced.

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