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TELUS Talks: What we can learn from facing our fears with Leisse Wilcox

24 mars 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has rattled many of us as we struggle to adapt to a fast-changing world. For Leisse Wilcox, there is familiarity amid the uncertainty. Just last year, the Toronto-based entrepreneur and mom-of-three was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Fear – physical, emotional, financial – was a constant companion as she underwent chemotherapy and a double mastectomy. Today, she views that dark time as nothing short of a gift. It was then she learned how to face her worst fears and find her way forward with strength and compassion. We are collectively dawning on an unsettling truth: Not everything in life is within our control. “It’s about how you respond, how you react and how you take action in your own life that matters,” she says.

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