Transforming the Communication Landscape: TELUS Unleashes Innovation with Cloud-Native Platforms

Data and Voice · 23 août 2023

Our business landscape is changing – and it’s doing so rapidly. Staying competitive requires thinking strategically about every business decision, including which communication services to implement at your organization.
As a cloud-native platform provider, TELUS can help you accelerate growth while achieving
agility and business value. Our fully managed multi-cloud products, including One Voice, Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), and the soon-to-be-launched One Voice+, are ways we can help make that happen.

Traditional Voice Services and Limitations
Traditional voice services are standard telephony services sent over copper wires. Besides
using landlines, this service also requires PBX hardware, which serves as a central switching system within a business.
These services are highly reliable and work even without the Internet. They’re also widely
available, even in rural areas with limited cell phone reception and internet access. The features offered are typically limited to ones that utilize a copper cable.
Their initial costliness and maintenance requirements usually make them ill-suited for
businesses lacking support staff or with limited budgets. Once installed, the operating costs are considerably high, too. Although your company purchases and owns the necessary hardware, there are ongoing costs for the circuits, support, and long-distance service.
Plus, as traditional telephone equipment ages, it becomes more difficult and expensive to
source parts. Eventually, copper phone lines will become obsolete.
This type of system typically can’t communicate with other devices, either. For example, it can’t be connected directly to your IP network or seamlessly move calls from a desk to a cell phone.
For businesses with remote sites and workforces, they simply wouldn’t work – making the need for innovation and transformation in the voice service industry imperative.

Enhancing Voice Services with UCaaS and One Voice
UCaaS and One Voice are both innovative options for companies looking for flexibility and
scalability for core business tasks.
UCaaS’s single, cloud-based platform can deliver multiple communications features, including cloud telephony, video conferencing, meetings, team collaboration, and app integrations. The subscription-based service is offered through a UCaaS service provider, Managed Service Provider (MSP), or reseller partner. Unlike traditional voice services, a provider owns the underlying infrastructure, including the data center and network.
One of the benefits of UCaaS technology is its extensive flexibility to quickly add and remove users and support hybrid work environments. UCaaS providers offer enhanced support for third- party app integrations, enabling employees to enjoy streamlined business workflows.
One Voice, a form of SIP trunking, offers the greatest national coverage, competitive rates, and real-time provisioning due to its extensive stack of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).
Porting into your own management platform is possible, and with the system’s reporting tools, you can manage the service proactively. Rather than using multiple providers to manage your inventory, One Voice can be the single provider for your entire national footprint.
TELUS UCaaS and One Voice offer a quick, convenient, and cost-efficient way of doing
business. Supported by their robust, reliable networks, their end-to-end solutions guarantee a convenient and secure service appreciated by customers.

Value-Added Communication Services
Besides their basic core functions as a telecommunications service, UCaaS and One Voice
offer many Value-Added Services (VAS). These value-added services allow you to enjoy a
customized communications platform that improves your business needs.
For a UCaaS cloud-native platform, these add-on products and services include enterprise
messaging, presence technology, online meetings, unified messaging, telephony and video
conferencing, along with mobility and apps. The typical platform characteristics are collaboration tools, enterprise telephony, and multitenancy communication data management.
With One Voice, generating reports from the self-serve portal allows easy access to simplified network and usage analyses.

Future Trends and Opportunities
Looking toward the future of cloud-based voice services, ensuring the security of cloud
communications data remains a top priority. Because these platforms are easier to upgrade
than legacy systems, fixing vulnerabilities fast and deploying the latest security technologies is possible and far more cost-efficient than it is on a standard hardwire PBX.
Other emerging trends include adopting more information language in business
communications, including expressive emojis and gifs. Video conference is becoming the new norm, and the development of 5G networks means cloud-based voice services are even more robust, reliable, and fast.

As a leading provider of cloud-based voice services, TELUS is committed to ongoing innovation and development. Through collaborations with worldwide partners, we continuously add new feature-rich communication solutions that help create a better-connected marketplace.

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