About us

Who we are

TELUS Partner Solutions is a wholesale service provider committed to bringing the best of TELUS to our global partners.

What we do

We collaborate with partners around the world to bring feature-rich communication solutions to our customers while ensuring we provide best-in-class support.

Build collaborative partnerships to create a connected marketplace

We harness the power of partnership to bring the best of our solutions and those of our customers to the connected world. We offer connected technology solutions from our partners around the world.

Provide feature-rich wholesale solutions

We provide a wide range of products and services powered by leading technologies to keep our customers connected to what matters most. Our robust service offerings are scalable and secure, allowing you to unlock endless opportunities.

Continuously enhance our best-in-class customer experience

Our goal of creating a simple, intuitive customer experience is key to our success. We continuously invest in digital transformation and automation to create Future Friendly® tools to support our customers.

Our team

Our team members act as trusted partners by offering their experience and expertise to customers worldwide.

Kal Amery

Vice-president, TELUS Partner Solutions

Community investment

We give where we live

As a team, we work to make a positive and lasting difference in our communities and the lives of others. The difference we make today can help build a brighter tomorrow.

  • $820 million donated with our hearts and hands since 2000

  • 1.6 million days of service since 2000

  • 2 million youth impacted annually

Let’s make the future friendly™

Our customer first promise


We continuously invest in digital automation to provide shorter delivery intervals, so that the carriers we enable can meet their customer commitments and drive loyalty and growth.

  • We’ve reduced our delivery intervals by 35% since 2016 for our key data solutions

Customer care

We strive to create a simple, intuitive self-serve experience for our customers. For those times when you need further help, our global customer care teams are available to support you when and how you need it.

  • In 2020, 88% of our customers say that their TELUS support team addresses their business needs

Service management

Our Service Management teams are available to support your services and ensure they are working to the highest quality.

  • In 2020, 90% of our customers tell us that their Service Management teams were effective in addressing their challenges


We’re dedicated to providing a seamless billing experience to our customers and a transparent resolution of disputes.

  • TELUS Bill Analyzer provides our customers with online access to all statements in one easy location.

Did you know?


International TELUS team members support a differentiated customer experience in over 50 languages, from more than 50 delivery centres in 20 countries across North and Central America, Europe and Asia.

$1.3 Billion

Since 2000, TELUS, our team members and retirees have contributed $1.3 billion through philanthropy and volunteerism to our communities, and dedicated over 1 million hours of giving.


The experts have spoken

TELUS has been recognized by industry experts for our network coverage and speeds, next-generation offerings and our digital expertise.

Outstanding Quality of Life Improvement Award at PTC 2020

TELUS has been recognized as one of the best B2B brands in Canada

Canada's Best Gaming ISP for 2020 by PCMag

The fastest mobile network with the best coverage across Canada

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