Business Anywhere Teleconferencing Services -Terms and Conditions

Service Specific Terms and Conditions

The Service Specific Terms and Conditions in this section apply to the “Conference on Demand” and “Teleconference Toll Free Access” services and features (“Teleconferencing Services”) included in the TELUS Business Anywhere Services provided to the Customer. Teleconferencing Services are provided by TELUS Communications Inc. Any capitalized words and expressions that are not defined in these Service Specific Terms and Conditions have the meaning set out for such words and expressions in the Customer’s Customer Agreement with TELUS for the TELUS Business Anywhere Services.

1. Services Description and Charges

Teleconferencing Services enable three or more participants to connect on a telephone call without special equipment, and the following specific teleconferencing services and features are available for use by the Customer. Conference on Demand provides conference calls without having to reserve ports in advance, by providing users with a permanent dial in number, chairperson and participant passcodes. The variable charge specified in the Solution Details for Conference on Demand will apply for each minute of use per teleconferencing port. Teleconference Toll Free Access provides toll free access to the conference bridge to all participants of the conference call, via a special toll free number. The Customer is responsible for all long distance charges associated with use of the special toll free number by participants of conference call, at the variable charge for Teleconference Toll Free Access specified in the Solution Details for each minute of use per teleconferencing port, in addition to all other applicable charges. Teleconference Local Access service, which provides participants in certain major metropolitan areas with access through local telephone numbers to Conference on Demand, is available to the Customer at no additional charge.

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