Services Agreement - USA


TELUS agrees to provide you with the services listed in Your Services & Summary Charges section. This document sets out the charges for these services and the terms that you and TELUS agree to in relation to these communications services.

When signed by both you and TELUS, this document forms a legally binding agreement between you and TELUS. The agreement includes other documents described in or attached to this agreement when it is signed, but does not include any other statements or documents. This agreement replaces any earlier agreements between TELUS and you relating to the services in this agreement.

In this document, “you” refers to the [customer legal name] and “TELUS”, “our” and “we” refers to TELUS Communications (U.S.) Inc.

Your Services & Summary Charges

The table below summarizes the charge(s) for the services you have ordered from TELUS when you and TELUS signed this agreement. The detailed charges are in the Service Charges section.

ProductQuantityService Period (Months)One Time ChargesMonthly Fixed Charge(s)Monthly Variable Charge(s)
TELUS Managed NaaS -1001.24$275.00.
On-Site Network Service Gateway Spare - Lanner &7525A1.24$30.00.
White Glove Installation1.$600.00..
White Glove Service Configuration1.$300.00..

{Company} has read and understands this document, and acknowledges that it includes limits on TELUS’ liability. By signing below, {Company} and TELUS agree to be bound by this agreement.

Client Signatory \vlcSignHere1\TELUS Signatory \vlcSignHere2\
Date: \vlcSignDate1\Date: \vlcSignDate2\

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