Office phone Caller Reveal explained

Find out how you can view the phone numbers of private callers

Before you begin, you need to set up a Calling Features Assistant password.

Caller Reveal identifies the telephone number and name (where available) associated with calls marked as "private" or "unknown". You must subscribe to use Caller Reveal.

Turn Caller Reveal on and off

  1. Dial 310‑8682 toll free from anywhere in B.C. or Alberta. If you are calling from outside B.C. or Alberta, dial 1‑604‑520‑3212, or 1‑403‑263‑6981 or 1‑780‑428‑6824. Long distance charges will apply
  2. Enter your password, then press #
  3. At the main menu, follow the voice prompt to access Caller Reveal
  4. Select 1 to turn Caller Reveal on.
  5. Select 2 to turn Caller Reveal off
  6. Select * to exit the system when you are finished

When Caller Reveal is on

  1. An unidentified caller calls your phone number

  2. The caller hears a message explaining that you do not accept calls from unidentified phone numbers

  3. The caller will be prompted to take one of two actions:

    • If the caller is "unknown", they are prompted to enter their 10-digit phone number for display
    • If the caller is "private", they are prompted to select "1" to display their phone number or select "3" to key in their phone number for display
  4. Caller Reveal then confirms if the number entered matches the actual number from which they are calling.

  5. Caller Reveal uses symbols to indicate if the number entered is a real, fictitious or unknown number:

    • If a "private" call is unblocked, an "^" symbol will display before the name to let you know Caller Reveal identified the caller's name and number
    • If a telephone number is entered, a "*" symbol will display before the name to let you know that the name & number provided are based on the caller's entry
    • If you want to accept the call, simply pick up the receiver. If you choose not to accept the call, the phone will continue to ring until the caller hangs up or is transferred to voice mail (if you subscribe to Personal Voice Mail)

If you need more help using Caller Reveal, call the calling features helpline at 1‑800‑663‑8131 and follow the easy-to-use voice prompts.

Troubleshoot Caller Reveal

You must have Caller Reveal on your Office Phone plan. Caller Reveal is automatically activated in the on position. To ensure Caller Reveal is turned on:

  1. Call the TELUS Call Management Assistant by dialing 310-8682
  2. Follow the voice prompts from the main menu to access Caller Reveal
  3. Select 5 to choose Caller Reveal:
    • Select 1 to turn Caller Reveal On
    • Select 2 to turn Caller Reveal Off
  4. Press * (star) to exit the system when finished

Note: There are still some calls that might come through as private or unknown. Some telephone networks send their caller information in a non-standard format, which we cannot process.


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