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TELUS Wise Live Streams: 4 great ones you may have missed

Amanda Lee

Amanda Lee

Senior Program Manager, Tech for Good & TELUS Wise

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In addition to the delivery of TELUS Wise workshops, we often gather experts, influencers and parents for interactive discussions about topics ranging from online safety and cyber security to social issues and mental health.

This past year, we’ve held some great live streams with some excellent guests. In case you missed them, we’ve hyperlinked them below and outlined some of the key topics covered. We think they’re worth checking out - the conversations surfaced important questions, trends and tips for helping adults and the kids in their lives navigate the online world in a healthy, safe and responsible way.

#1: Tips and tricks to help your family be safer digital citizens (October 2022)

Host Tanya Singh, Occupational Therapist and mother, sat down for a discussion with Taylor Hui, Founder of BeaYOUtiful Foundation and Stacey Ponich, TELUS Senior Program Manager and TELUS Wise Ambassador. They had a lively, multi-faceted discussion about how parents can have healthy conversations with kids about staying safe online.

#2: Cybersecurity threats are on the rise – Here’s what you need to know (June 2022)

Host Jessica Moorhouse, millennial money expert, sat down with Leigh Tynan, cybersecurity expert and Director of TELUS Online Security, to discuss fraud, scams and cyber attacks. As of October 31, 2022, the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre reported 75,474 instances of fraud with losses of $420.8 million.

  • Phishing/email scams and how to protect yourself
  • Subscription bombing – what is it and what to look for
  • Free product/service scams– what they are and what to look for
  • The risks associated with social media contests
  • Stats about kids online and how parents can get involved in kids’ digital lives in a non-intrusive, curious way
  • 6 tips you can use to protect yourself and mitigate cyber risks
  • How TELUS Online Security can help

#3: How to talk to your kids about racism online (February 2022)

Host Obob Mohamud, content creator, mother and small business owner, sat down with Dr. Janelle Brady, anti-racist educator and researcher and Angela von Tijn, lifestyle blogger and mother of two boys aged eight and 11. They had an open and informative discussion about the prevalence of racism online and how to have supportive discussions with kids.

  • How has the anonymity and rapid transmission of content of the digital world changed the face of racism
  • When is the right time to talk to kids about racism online and the interactions they are having
  • The importance of community resources and how to have age-appropriate conversations
  • Approaching inappropriate conversations/comments in the moment
  • Tips for kids on how to talk to their peers
  • Online profiles and protecting kids
  • Tips for parents about how to show up with their kids – ongoing dialogue, show vulnerability, model behaviours

#4: How to talk to your kids about sexting (January 2022)

Host Erica Ehm, founder and mom of teens, sat down with Dr. Wendy Craig, Scientific Director of PrevNet and Professor of Psychology at Queens University and Ariba Adnan, a clinical/neuropsychologist and mom. They had an open and very revealing conversation about sexting and how parents can have age-appropriate conversations about sexuality, relationships and consent.

  • The definition of sexting
  • How to navigate awkward conversations with your kids – hear their expertise, be the learner, be curious, admit your lack of knowledge
  • Consent in sexting and what it really means
  • Normalization of sexting and shame
  • The importance of having an open relationship with the kids in your life
  • How to respond to sexting and the consequences of punishment (i.e. taking technology away)
  • The importance of teaching kids to use technology in a responsible way

These are all sensitive, yet important topics for adults to be discussing with the kids in their lives. If you’re having trouble broaching these topics with your kids, these livestreams are a great place to start. Watch them together. Hearing experts and parents talk openly, ask questions and offer tips can be a great way to get your own conversations started. Ask for your kids’ opinions and share yours. Ongoing dialogue between kids and adults they trust is a vital tool in helping kids stay safe online and fostering responsible digital citizenship.

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