Online safety / September 10, 2021

Coming together to build a safer world online and sharing top digital safety tips

Amanda Lee

Amanda Lee

Senior Project Manager, TELUS Wise

Virtual learning - Photo taken over the shoulder of a woman waving at a group of 8 children on her laptop, all video conferencing in to a virtual workshop.

In celebration of the back to school season we would like to acknowledge the 350+ individuals, or TELUS Wise Ambassadors, who volunteer their time to deliver TELUS Wise digital citizenship workshops to students and others across the country. Primarily TELUS employees and retirees, our TELUS Wise Ambassadors have a passion for giving back and keeping others safe in a digital world. When faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, they effectively pivoted to deliver workshops virtually in lieu of face to face workshops typically held in school assemblies, classrooms or for community groups and businesses.

We canvassed some of our Ambassadors to learn more about their volunteer experience with TELUS Wise and asked them to share their top digital safety tips. See what they had to say...

Anita Yuan - Product Manager, Products and Services

“I am a big believer of TELUS Wise. I love how we are offering free resources to help Canadians of all ages to have a positive experience and be good digital citizens. I enjoy sharing tips and information about different tools to parents and children so that they can protect themselves and their family in a digital space.”

Anita’s tip: Manage your digital footprint responsibly. This video teaches you how to manage your digital footprint and device privacy settings.

Stephanie Ma - Manager, TELUS Health and Payment Solutions

“I chose to be a TELUS Wise Ambassador because I really wanted to empower students and adults with tools to stay safe online and help them understand the impact of digital technology. The most important message I think I share with the community is raising awareness about online scams and also how much we rely on digital technology and its potential impact on us; ultimately providing tips and tricks to maintain balance in our hyper-connected world.”

Stephanie’s tip: Learn how to identify and avoid online scams. This video teaches you how to identify online scams and protect yourself from identity theft.

Terry Kaplan - Business Consultant, Capital Management

“I chose to volunteer as a TELUS Wise Ambassador as I feel it is part of our social responsibility as a company that delivers technology and connectivity to support adults, seniors, parents, teachers, and children with the tools they need to navigate the Internet safely while protecting their privacy. Being able to make connections with students, parents and/or teachers is the best part of delivering workshops as then I know that I’ve been able to impart information that will help guide them in making safe online decisions. The most important message I share with kids is to protect their password and for parents, it’s to always have an open line of communication with their children so they feel safe to come to them with any online problems and get help in resolving them.”

Terry’s tip: Use a password manager, an encrypted digital vault that stores secure password login information you use to access apps and online accounts. This video teaches you how to set up a strong PIN or password and shares the benefits of using a password manager.

Thank you to all our volunteers who help make the TELUS Wise program possible. If you would like to arrange for a TELUS Wise workshop to be delivered virtually to your students, parent association or community group, please submit a request here.

Together, let's care for the well-being of our youth and support our communities during TELUS #FriendlyFuture Days. Check out the five ways you can participate by visiting

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