Social media / October 25, 2022

Guide to popular social media and messaging apps

Nimmi Kanji

Nimmi Kanji

Director - Social Purpose Programs, For Good and TELUS Wise

A mother and her daughter use their laptop and tablet.

9 popular apps that parents need to know about

Social media and messaging apps are a great way for young people to connect with others, discover and build community and express themselves. It’s how they talk to friends, share their creativity, follow their passions and find new things that interest them.

While most social media platforms do request that users be at least 13 years old, it’s common for younger youth to dive into the world of social and messaging apps long before this. For parents to help their kids have positive experiences online, it is important to learn about the apps they are using and how you can help them protect their privacy, security and wellbeing.

The latest TELUS Wise Guide to popular social media and messaging apps profiles nine social media and messaging apps that are popular with youth. The guide provides a high level overview of what the apps do and why they’re great (along with explaining app specific terminology). The guide also offers important safety tips you can review with the kids in your life to keep privacy and security top of mind.

Check out the full guide here and learn more tips on keeping your family safe in our digital world by booking a TELUS Wise workshop or accessing self-guided workshops online.

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