Tech etiquette quiz

How well are you minding your tech manners?

Three gentleman ignoring each other

In a time when tech is part of virtually every aspect of our lives, it's not surprising that some of us have developed bad habits when interacting with it. Some of our bad tech habits - that we are often oblivious to - are harmless, but others can be downright rude. See how well you’re minding your tech manners with this quiz.

If someone hands me their phone to look at something:
When it comes to distracted driving:
If I’m dining out with friends and family:
I’ve accepted an evite to a friend’s event, but can no longer make it:
Whenever I take photos at an event:
When I send a text message:
When I communicate by email:
If I read a post on social media that I disagree with:
My phone is always:
When having a phone conversation in public: