Privacy quiz

How privacy aware are you?

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According to a 2019 study by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, less than 48% of Canadians feel confident in knowing they have enough information to protect their personal privacy online. Fortunately, there are many steps we all can take to better protect ourselves. Do you know where to start?

Test your privacy know-how with this quiz.

Which of these is NOT a best practice when trying to protect your privacy online?
What personal information do websites and apps have the ability to collect about you?
What is PIPEDA?
Your “personal information” consists of:
When using IoT devices in your home, it’s best to:
The best way to protect your personal information when shopping online is:
If you suspect or know that you’re a victim of identity theft or fraud, you should:
Generally speaking, privacy settings:
One privacy best practice is “keeping your digital household clean”. This means:
How can you limit the information that is collected and stored about you when using the Internet?