Are you being bullied?

Contact Kids Help Phone at 1-800-668-6868 or by texting CONNECT to 686868 to have a conversation with someone who can help.

It's no joke

Cyberbullies often say they were just joking, but it’s no laughing matter. Online bullying is very serious and has consequences. The following information can help you stand up to cyberbullying and make a positive impact in someone’s life.

Don’t be a bystander

Not getting involved when you witness cyberbullying can hurt others just as much as the bullying itself. Your actions can make a difference.

See how you can help

What happens when jokes go too far?

What starts as a joke can end up hurting someone. It might be easier to ignore, but lending a hand can make things better.

Discover more ways to help

Stop, block, record and talk to #EndBullying

If you are among the 42% of Canadian youth who experience cyberbullying, here are some tips for dealing with the situation.

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Help turn things around

When you react to cyberbullying in the right way you can make a big difference. Learn more about how you can help.

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Together we can rise above to #EndBullying

Here are just a few inspiring success stories that show standing up to cyberbullying is possible.

“A kid at my school sent mean texts to one of my friends. It was a group message and he thought he was being funny. I told him privately that it wasn’t cool, and he stopped doing it.”

Gareth, 16

“Someone sent snaps that were making fun of a girl in my class. I sent her a message letting her know I wanted to be her friend no matter what.”

Blakely, 13

“I saw photos being shared online of a girl I knew, and after a while people started bullying her at school too. I told my teacher what was happening, and he helped before it got worse.”

Yva, 15

Together we can help others rise above to #EndBullying

Make a difference when you witness cyberbullying

Have you seen someone being cyberbullied? Answer these questions to help you decide what to do.

TELUS Wise End Cyberbullying video contest

It’s clear that youth are keen to drive change and put an end to cyberbullying.

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