TELUS Wise testimonials

We pride ourselves in delivering a quality program and driving positive outcomes.

Jim Chu

Former President of the CACP and Chief Constable of the Vancouver Police

"The CACP’s mandate is to focus on the safety and security of all Canadians through innovative police leadership. We are proud to endorse the TELUS Wise program as an excellent example of how we collaborate with innovative corporate partners such as TELUS to make additional educational resources more easily accessible to members of our communities all across Canada including those in our northernmost regions."

Carol Todd

"My daughter's name is Amanda Todd and she has a tragic story behind her name. It is hoped that her story is one that opens up discussions in families about Internet safety and how to understand and learn more about how to safeguard yourself and your kids. It is my feeling that telecommunications companies play a huge role in the responsiblities of education and knowlegedge for both parents and youth about what they do online and off. Using e-technology with safety and awareness is one of the most important things that can be learned today. The issues that arise can be prevented. As a customer of TELUS products for over two decades, I commend you for your efforts."

Sharon Vinderine

Founder & CEO, PTPA Media Inc.

"PTPA Media is proud to announce that TELUS Wise is a recipient the PTPA Media seal of approval. This award recognizes TELUS’ efforts to educate Canadian families on the dangers that exist online and to raise awareness of the online footprint smart-device users leave behind. We at PTPA Media take great measures to protect our family online, and feel it is extremely important that others do the same. Understanding how to make smarter choices about the information you share online and how these choices impact your online safety, is the goal of the TELUS Wise initiative. It is this initiative that makes TELUS stand out from its competition."

Hockey Canada

"Hockey Canada is pleased to support and excited for the launch of TELUS Wise. It is an invaluable tool for parents and a fun, interactive approach to teach teens and children about internet and smartphone security and safety."

Bill Belsley

"I am proud to be a founding member of the #TELUSWise Internet and Smartphone Education program. Please share this with parents."

Cathy Wing


"There are so many skills kids need today for their online activities, such as protecting their privacy, staying safe and being ethical. TELUS Wise is a great tool to help kids learn and practice these skills and MediaSmarts is proud to be a partner in this important initiative."

Parys, Coltyn & Kathleen

K.A.R.E Power

"As family that founded a youth organization, we feel we live in a very fast paced technological society, where it’s easy for anyone (especially children and youth) to get lost and where the scary and unexpected can hide behind a click of a button or a tap of a finger. TELUS Wise is an awesome opportunity for youth, the schools they attend and the communities they live in to learn how to be safe on the Internet and protect themselves while using a smart phone. TELUS Wise also opens the doors to communication for families to start and/or continue learning about Internet safety and making ‘WISE” decisions in our electronic world. We believe that one day, together our 'KAREing' actions will have the POWER to put a stop to criminals who hide behind a screen."

Andrew Price

Chief Commissioner and Chair of the Scouts Canada Board of Governors

"The safety of our members is Scouts Canada’s top priority: this includes providing great safe Scouting programs and equipping youth to be safe in their daily lives. That is why Scouts Canada was so pleased to team-up with TELUS to offer TELUS Wise workshops for our volunteers during our recent National Scout Jamboree. These workshops provided volunteers with the knowledge required to share tips for internet and smartphone safety with our youth members. Scouts Canada looks forward to opportunities to collaborate with TELUS in the near future."

Enfant-Retour Québec

“Nathalie and Roberto came to our offices to facilitate a TELUS WISE workshop. The content of the workshop was practical and presented in a dynamic way. They provided us with relevant tips and tricks to use technology safely. This workshop is a must for everyone!”

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