TELUS Wise testimonials

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Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP)

Chief Charles Bordeleau, Ottawa Police Service

"On behalf of the Ottawa Police Service, I am pleased to provide support for the renewed endorsement by the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) of the TELUS Wise program. In today's digital world, the need for easily accessible programming aimed at educating and keeping people safe online is growing. I am very happy to lend my name in support of these efforts and commend TELUS for the important work they are doing to ensure Canadians are safe online."

Carol Todd

Parent, educator, and mental health and online safety advocate

"My daughter's name is Amanda Todd and she has a tragic story behind her name. It is hoped that her story is one that opens up discussions in families about Internet safety and how to understand and learn more about how to safeguard yourself and your kids. It is my feeling that telecommunications companies play a huge role in the responsibilities of education and knowledge for both parents and youth about what they do online and off. Using e-technology with safety and awareness is one of the most important things that can be learned today. The issues that arise can be prevented. As a customer of TELUS products for over two decades, I commend you for your efforts."

Kathryn Ann Hill


"MediaSmarts is proud to be a partner in this important initiative. TELUS Wise is an invaluable program that equips youth with essential skills to thrive in the online world. From teaching privacy protection to online safety and ethical conduct, TELUS Wise empowers kids to navigate the digital world confidently.”

Andrew Price

Chief Commissioner and Chair of the Scouts Canada Board of Governors

"The safety of our members is Scouts Canada’s top priority: this includes providing great safe Scouting programs and equipping youth to be safe in their daily lives. That is why Scouts Canada was so pleased to team-up with TELUS to offer TELUS Wise workshops for our volunteers during our recent National Scout Jamboree. These workshops provided volunteers with the knowledge required to share tips for internet and smartphone safety with our youth members. Scouts Canada looks forward to opportunities to collaborate with TELUS in the near future."

YMCAs of Québec Peace Medal

2018 Winner: Corporate Peace Initiative

The prestigious Peace Medals are awarded to individuals and organizations who demonstrate exemplary vision, creativity and dedication to make our communities, our country or our world more peaceful.


Toronto District School Board

"As a teacher and parent, my main objective with youth is to help foster a strong personal and social foundations through mutual respect and care for oneself and others. After surfing the TELUS website I was amazed at the incredible efforts TELUS is making in the lives of our students. I was especially surprised at the resources available to people spanning all age groups. For this I commend the team at TELUS who bring online safety to all of our citizens."


St. Lawrence Catholic School, Riverside School Board, Montreal, QC

"Thank you to the volunteers from TELUS who presented the TELUS Wise footprint workshop to our grade 2-6 students. Due to your efforts, our students have learned the meaning of responsible digital citizenship."

Youth Employment Facilitator

Alexandra Neighbourhood House, Vancouver, BC

"Thank you so much for coming in to talk to our group today. Your message to participants was informative, but also empowering. We'll likely see many of them making wiser choices about their persona on social media."

Seniors workshop participant

Seniors Association of Greater Edmonton (SAGE)

"I participated in a TELUS Wise Seniors workshop yesterday at the Seniors Association of Greater Edmonton (SAGE). The content was helpful along with the booklet, and the instructor was an excellent listener and presenter."


AB School Councils Association Conference

"Very comprehensive, easy to follow and relevant presentation. I am an 'unaware' parent when it comes to social media and apps so this was extremely valuable information."

Cst. Anderson

Kingston Police, Kingston, ON.

"I just had an opportunity to present the TELUS Wise workshop and wanted to pass on that the presentation is amazing. It is laid out perfectly and the format and style of the content really got the kids' attention. In comparison to previous presentations with Cyber Safety being the focal point, the TELUS Wise workshop was fun for the kids and it was the most engaged audience that I have seen over my 2 years as a School Resource Officer."


Toronto District School Board

"This workshop was a tremendous public service for parents/guardians! Thank you!!! Everything was extremely valuable!"

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