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Like our program, TELUS Wise campaigns are designed to educate and empower Canadians to stay safe online.

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Smart Social

Developed in partnership with the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, Smart Social is intended to help youth stay safe online and be smart on social media.

TELUS Wise online basics

Learn about everything from connecting to the internet to video chatting in this video series.


You may be relieved to learn that fewer youth take and send sexts (nude or semi-nude photos) than you may think. However, almost half of youth who have sent a sext say that the recipient then shared that image with other people. Created in partnership with MediaSmarts, this campaign aims to end the culture of forwarding intimate images of other people.


Did you know cyberbullying affects one million kids every month in Canada? This campaign helps drive change with the TELUS Wise Digital Pledge, while raising funds for #EndBullying programs across Canada.

Support the LGBTQ+ community online

Inclusive language matters, and so does the power of words. Stand with the LGBTQ+ community by sharing your pronouns in virtual meetings and classrooms.

We partnered with Degrassi, Backstage and Next Step for digital safety advice.

The Next Step: Mean Comments

Dylan Ratzlaff (Jacquie) and Myles Erlick (Noah) from discuss the consequences and impact of posting hurtful comments online.

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