Standing up for youth mental health

With our increasing use of tech, including smartphones and social media, maintaining well-being in our digital world is more important than ever. 

That’s why we offer the TELUS Wise® happiness workshop and have partnered with Family Channel and Big White Ski Resort to stand up for healthier screen time balance. We invite you and your family to take the TELUS Wise® 24-Hour Tech-Free Challenge and disconnect from tech for a day.

Can you go tech-free for 24 hours?

What is your relationship with tech?

Did you know teens average 7 hours of screen time per day? See how Family Channel’s network stars described their relationship with tech before taking the TELUS Wise 24-Hour Tech-Free Challenge. #TELUSTechFree24

See how Family Channel’s network stars fared with the TELUS Wise 24-hour Tech-Free Challenge.

Empowering Canadians of all ages

TELUS Wise® is a free digital literacy education program that teaches you and your family how to stay safe and well in our digital world.

Helping you build a healthy relationship with tech

The TELUS Wise® happiness workshop offers tools to help you maintain your well-being in our all-connected world. Take the free online workshop or book a face-to-face workshop.

For everyone: how healthy is your relationship with technology?

Smartphones and social media are consuming more of our time than ever before. While technology can make us more productive and help us stay connected, it can also be all-consuming and impact how we feel. To find out how well you’re managing your relationship with tech, take our quiz below.

For youth: dealing with digital stress

Time management, changing your habits and attitudes, and making time for rest and relaxation can all help you deal with digital stress.

For parents: managing screens in your home

Keeping screen time under control while still making screen use a valuable part of your child’s life might be a challenge in itself but is important. Read some tips based on recommendations from the Canadian Paediatric Society.

The research: what does it tell us? 

Screen use can be both positive or negative. The impact depends on not just the amount of time but also on what is being done during screen time. 


Family Channel’s Stand UP! A Wellness Project

This campaign focuses on promoting positive relationships and spreading awareness about the importance of kids’ mental health and wellness.

Canada’s favourite family resort

Located in the heart of BC’s Okanagan, Big White Ski Resort, known for its champagne powder, features Canada’s largest ski-in/ski-out resort village and year-round outdoor activities including hiking and mountain biking in the summer.