Powered by purpose

At TELUS, we’re using our world‑leading technology to drive meaningful change — from transforming healthcare and making our food supply more sustainable to reducing our environmental footprint and connecting Canadians in need.

Let’s make the future friendly, together

We’re helping solve some of the world's most pressing problems and helping grow a more sustainable future. Because the more impact we can make today, the better we can make tomorrow.
A TELUS team member emptying a bucket of woodchips into a wheelbarrow at the park.

We give where we live

We’re helping communities grow stronger and support even their most vulnerable members.
A smiling mother, father and small child

Bridging digital divides

We’re ensuring that everyone, including Canadians in need, can access our
world-leading networks.
A person having a virtual medical consultation on a tablet screen

Helping everyone live healthier

We’re revolutionizing access to healthcare, especially for the most vulnerable among us.
An older woman chatting with a youth in a forest

Investing in sustainable futures

We’re driving innovation by investing in smart cities, sustainability, and more to create a brighter future.
A woman viewing a tablet while working in a garden

Helping supply our growing world

As a leading provider of digital solutions to supply chain customers around the world, we're innovating to improve the safety, quality and sustainability of food and consumer goods.

Committing to using our technology for good

Together, we can improve lives and help make the world a better place by:
Helping over 600,000 people in need through our Connecting for Good® programs by 2025
Investing over $4 billion into healthcare innovations as Canada’s largest Health IT company
Investing in sustainable start-ups with the $100M TELUS Pollinator Fund for Good
Committing to using 100% renewable energy by 2025 and becoming a zero-waste, carbon-neutral company by 2030

Protecting our home from wildfires

TELUS is protecting communities and the environment by investing in innovative technology to help detect wildfires, restore forests and keep you connected.
A mother duck and her ducklings gathered beside marsh grass

A message from our President and CEO

Year after year, our TELUS team works with passion and purpose to create remarkable outcomes in the communities where we live, work and serve around the world.

Some of the ways we help

Investing in a world of good

As one of the largest corporate impact funds launched with an initial $100 million, the TELUS Pollinator Fund invests in responsible startups driving social and environmental change to make the world a better place.
Three youths smiling while seated in a garden

Funding our communities

At TELUS, we understand that each community has unique needs. That’s why we offer funding that drives meaningful change in communities across Canada and globally.
Photo: Atl’kitsem | Texwnéwets | Howe Sounds, B.C. David Ward, Lil'wat First Nation

Supporting Indigenous Women at risk

Mobility for Good® for Indigenous Women at Risk provides free smartphones and data plans to Indigenous women who are at risk of or surviving violence.
Two seniors viewing a laptop. The person on the left is seated, while the person on the right is leaning over their shoulder.

Connecting for Good

Internet for Good® helps connect qualified individuals and families in need by offering low-cost, high-speed Internet.

Enabling rural and Indigenous connectivity

TELUS and government partners are helping provide access to education and making economic growth easier in rural and Indigenous communities across Canada with high-speed internet.

TIME Magazine’s #1 Most Sustainable Telecommunications Company in Canada

We’re driving social and environmental progress in Canada and worldwide – from investing in renewable energy to reforesting wildfire-affected regions.

How you can help

Each year, TELUS volunteers collectively donate over 1 million hours to give where they live and help those who need it most. Here are some of the ways that you can also make a difference.

Join TELUS Change for Good

By donating less than $1 a month, you can help youth have brighter futures.

Donate your old phone

Donate your pre-loved phones or tablets at a TELUS store, and we’ll give them to someone in need or responsibly recycle them.

Give to TELUS Friendly Future Foundation®

Each year, the Foundation supports more than 500 Canadian charities that help youth thrive in a digital world.

Our commitment is adding up

$1.5 billion
and counting donated to our communities since 2000.
25 million
Canadians with access to TELUS Health healthcare services.
15 million +
Devices kept out of landfills, so far.
342 thousand
Canadians positively impacted by our 
Connecting for Good programs

Our impact in action

Every day, we are changing the lives of Canadians and improving our communities in many ways.
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