Helping you stay safe and connected in times of crisis

Our top priority is keeping our customers, team members and communities connected, informed and supported during and after emergencies that affect them.

To achieve this, we have pledged over $185 million in cash donations and in-kind contributions since 2000 to aid those impacted by natural disasters and other crises worldwide.


Supporting those impacted by floods in Brazil

In response to the devastating floods impacting Brazil, TELUS is supporting those affected through local relief efforts.

What we are doing

  • TELUS, TELUS International and TELUS Agriculture & Consumer Goods are providing support through our commitment of $25,000 USD ($34,000 CAD) in cash donations as well as in-kind contributions to support local relief efforts

  • Ensuring access to emotional support through a free community crisis hotline provided by TELUS Health®.

    The Community Crisis Support line can be reached at:

  • Waiving long-distance mobile, home phone, texting and roaming fees for TELUS and Koodo customers to Brazil from May 6-20, 2024.

Supporting communities in crisis

In 2023, our efforts positively impacted our customers, team members and their respective communities worldwide, including:

$12.6 million

in cash donations and in-kind contributions to help individuals in communities in Canada and around the world affected by natural disasters


humanitarian and disaster relief efforts in Canada and around the world

TELUS technicians supporting our network during 2023 wildfires.

Telus technicians supporting Alberta during the wildfires in 2023

Supporting relief efforts worldwide

TELUS, its team members, together with TELUS Friendly Future Foundation®, continue to support:

  • Communities and individuals affected by wildfires and severe storms in Canada and the USA

  • Canadian charitable organizations helping people and families displaced by conflicts around the world

  • International earthquake, hurricane and other natural disaster relief efforts 

  • TELUS Agriculture & Consumer Goods is #HereForFarmers with emergency support for affected agricultural communities

Supporting our customers, retirees, and team members

At TELUS, we support individuals and communities affected by natural disasters and other emergencies, ensuring that lines of communication remain safely open during times of crisis. Other ways we support include:

  • Waiving domestic voice, text and data overage fees to and from impacted areas to help customers stay in touch with loved ones

  • Activating the free TELUS Health® Community Crisis Support line open 24/7

  • Expediting TELUS Health prescription deliveries 

  • Delivering adult and youth disaster relief kits with essential items to those who were evacuated

  • Providing rapid response donations to local relief organizations