Terms and Conditions

Welcome to TELUS Change for Good

As a company powered by our social purpose, we’re helping solve some of the world's most pressing problems and helping grow a more sustainable future. Because the more impact we can make today, the better we can make tomorrow. That’s why the funds donated to TELUS Change for Good (formerly known as Donate the Change) go to TELUS Friendly Future Foundation®, a registered Canadian charity committed to helping connect youth to a world of opportunities. By funding over 500 local charities in communities across Canada each year that provide education and health programs, many enabled by technology, TELUS Friendly Future Foundation is helping youth reach their full potential.

How TELUS Change for Good works

TELUS Change for Good allows participating TELUS consumer postpaid customers to round up their TELUS mobility and/or home services bill(s) to the next whole dollar and donate the difference to TELUS Friendly Future Foundation through their My TELUS account. The program is self-serve and must be initiated by the customer. Once enabled, the program will round up each monthly bill. You can opt out at any time through your My TELUS account.
All funds raised through TELUS Change for Good will be directed to TELUS Friendly Future Foundation. To learn about the incredible difference your donations make, please visit 
TELUS Change for Good is only available to TELUS Consumer postpaid mobility customers and home services customers (excluding home services customers in Quebec). TELUS Change for Good is not available for TELUS Business customers. If a customer changes their account from a Consumer Account to a Business Account, they will automatically be removed from the program.

Payment and Donations

By enabling TELUS Change for Good on your My TELUS account, you authorize TELUS to round up the amount of your bill after tax to the nearest whole dollar as a donation, to charge your payment method on file for the difference, and to process your donations and direct them to TELUS Friendly Future Foundation.
After opting in, your donations start on your next monthly bill and will continue until you opt-out via your My TELUS account. Donations may range from $0.01 to $0.99 per bill.  If your bill total changes month-to-month, TELUS Change for Good rounds up to the nearest dollar for that specific month.

Donation examples

  • If your monthly bill total (after applicable taxes) is $75.06, your bill will be rounded up to $76.00 resulting in a donation of $0.94.
  • If your bill is a whole dollar, no round up will occur.
  • If your bill has a credit, your bill will be rounded up to the next highest dollar. E.g. If your bill total is -$15.74, then your bill will round up $0.74 bringing your final bill total for that month, after TELUS Change for Good is added, to -$15.00.
  • If you pay your bill late, your TELUS Friendly Future Foundation donation will be carried forward to your next bill and the round up will continue to happen on each bill until you opt-out of the program.   
  • If your account goes to collections, you will be removed from TELUS Change for Good program. Any unpaid donations will be credited back on your bill.

The Charity: TELUS Friendly Future Foundation

  • 100% of donations will go to TELUS Friendly Future Foundation.
  • TELUS will not provide tax receipts for your donations through TELUS Change for Good.
  • TELUS disclaims liability for, and makes no guarantees or representations with respect to how TELUS Friendly Future Foundation uses the donations or any potential tax deductions or benefits (if any) that you, the customer, may receive as a result of your donations. TELUS does not expect that customers will receive or be eligible to claim tax receipt for their TELUS Change for Good donations to TELUS Friendly Future Foundation.    
  • TELUS reserves the right to change the TELUS Change for Good program charity recipient. If TELUS does choose to change the charity, TELUS will give all participating customers on the program ample notice of this change in case they wish to discontinue participating.


  • TELUS reports the TELUS Change for Good donations only on your monthly bill where the donation will be itemized under the Account Summary.


  • By enabling TELUS Change for Good, you acknowledge and agree that TELUS may disclose general information about how many donations TELUS Change for Good garners to TELUS Friendly Future Foundation only as required for reporting purposes, or to comply with applicable law.


  • You agree to abide by these TELUS Change for Good program terms and the decisions of the TELUS team, which are final. This program is subject to all applicable laws. 
  • TELUS may terminate the TELUS Change for Good program or change any of these terms at any time, without notice.