Team member giving

We give where we live

All 36,000 members of our team are helping make a difference through acts of giving, big and small.

It all adds up



youth impacted annually through community giving.

donated by our team members and retirees to charitable and community organizations since 2000.

contributions to charitable and community organizations by our team members and retirees in 2019.



hours volunteered by team members and retirees annually.

Volunteer programs

TELUS Days of Giving

Every spring, TELUS Days of Giving brings together team members, retirees, family and friends nationwide to volunteer and make a powerful positive impact on our local communities.

Community Ambassadors

Each year, close to 5,000 current and retired team members from across Canada devote their time and energy to volunteer in our local communities.

Volunteer rewards

For every volunteer hour a member of our team records in a calendar year, we make a $1 donation to the charity of their choice.


We help our employees and retirees double their impact by matching donations to eligible Canadian registered charities, to a maximum of $2,500 per person, per year.

We give where we live

Using music as medicine

Tom Su, TELUS Customer Care

Tom uses the power of musical therapy to ease the pain of thousands of palliative care patients. He knows the universal language of music can bring joy to those who need it most.

Turning the tide for our oceans

Gail Jones, TELUS Customer Operations

Gail dedicates hundreds of hours to help keep the sea plastic free. She does her part to improve the environment because, from coast to coast, it’s everyone’s responsibility.

Growing a revolution

Ashton Singh, TELUS Sales

Ashton volunteers thousands of hours to teach kids about sustainable practices and going green. He leads by example to inspire youth and help them grow because the future is in their hands.

Answering calls for help

Dominic Ian Boucher, TELUS Customer Support

Dominic volunteers hundreds of hours raising funds for courageous kids with illnesses through his work planning and answering telethon calls.  He has taken matters into his own hands because miracles don’t happen on their own.

Wishing it forward

Jennifer Park, TELUS Community Investment

Jennifer works tirelessly to make dreams come true for kids battling critical illnesses. She believes these miracles are important for youth struggling with impossible obstacles.

Dishing out happiness

Kim Vey, TELUS Customer Care

Kim prepares hundreds of fresh meals to fight hunger and feed hope. She gives where she lives because her community is at the heart of everything she does.

Taking action against hunger

Jennifer Kirby, TELUS Training & Coaching

Jennifer spends her time sorting food donations to feed those in need.  She helps communities in any way she can through acts of giving, big and small.

Strengthening communities

Monica Winger, TELUS Community Ambassador

Monica leads one of 23 TELUS’ Community Ambassador groups. She empowers team members to use their time and resources to support local communities, one act of kindness at a time.

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